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Game Lobby Map System Idea


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Hello my fellow Tennos!

I'm here today to toss out my ideas for a improved map system that would help with navigation across the Solar Rails.

Here are my thoughts:

1 - Use the Planet!

Take the wire mesh that is the current map system and "wrap" it around the planet it is for, and give us the ability to rotate the world we are on.

If you’re really feeling inspired, you could make it 3D, and to show off the fact that we are attacking spaceships around the planet!

The best example I can think of is the EVE Online Planetary Interaction System interface, if you haven't seen it, check it out! In fact, the Even Map system in general is REALLY good and if worth looking into!

2 - Quick Nav! Get us home!

Not a hard thing to add in, just give us some buttons on the side (left or right) that will allow us to "zip" right to the planet we are looking for! This can be done with or without the above mentioned Idea.

3 - Party HUD Time!

If possible, allow us to have a party interface, so that Host can kick people (Pre or Post game, not during).

This also brings me to another idea; if possible, allow us to group with people without having to be on the "Map" screen!

4 - (Insert funny title here) Camera control when not "in" the map.

I noticed that when you’re in a party, their Frames and Gear show up sitting around the "Map" with you, I would love to be able to rotate the map and get a look at everyone sitting at the table, plotting to take over the solar system!!

I understand that there is a GOOD chance that something is already in the works (IE: I asked for a hammer in my first post and 2 days later.. I got a hammer! XD)

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First! They should fix the scale of the solarsystem.

look at this -> http://www.abload.de/img/warframe2013-01-1513-80ub4.jpg WTF!

Secound! I guess it would be awesome if the player is able to rotate and zoom in/out the systeme with the mouse. Not just clicking on Planets and the mission map pops up. More like: Select the planet with the mouse cursor and zoom in or out via mousewheel. This will also fix the problem with the scale of the solar system, i bet! So Saturn, Neptun and Jupiter don't have to collide with each other.

And Most important! Add to all planets beacons (if you are in planetview) which are actual chatrooms or Lobby's. The same for the whole solarsystem(smalltalk-, trade-, find group-, chatchannels)

actuall the whole menu needs a fix, but it is a closed beta so its fine by now.

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Definitely something we need. Pretty up the planet map and lattice, and some sort of lobby/pub option so at least we can join in where others are playing even if not at the location we need. This would also make it a lot easier to form parties for constant runs of specific bosses that we obviously already do with limited success. I can think of no easier way to advertise wanting to do Jackal runs or whatever than some sort of lobby system.

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