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Raids Once Per Day Change It.

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I heard that we can just make one run per day. So it is good for people that doesnt have job.


This is for me very bad, because from the monday to friday or even to saturday I dont have time to make long raid mission, because I work 12 hours per day, and I have some other things to do than just playing all my free time after the job.


I wanted to make this Saturday and some time from sunday a big raid days with my friend to make several raids in the same day. but no I cant I forgotten that there is a limit of making one raid per day, so yeah very great info for me. To make one raid per day I must leave my job :D


Please Devs change the limitation to making 7 raids in week. So I will be abble to work from Monday to friday or saturday and make Saturday or sunday a Raid day, to make 7 raids in one day, to catch all losed chances of making rides by my job.


Even if I can make raids in any time I want, there is a limitation of getting arcane reward once per day, so its the same, because raid is for that, nothing better to get there.


Other people too would like to make today 3 raids and get 3 arcanes then make something different than raid in the next 2 days and then again make some raids.


I really would like to see it changed.

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The problem with the rewards is that, even with equal probabilities for rewards, it would take 200+ runs to get them all, except there are four(?) different rarities which, with WFs current rarity scaling, means 500-1000 runs for a complete set.


At one per day, that is over a year, assuming you do it every single day.

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It's the rewards that is once a day

I don't think that's the point of the post. 


They should just allow you to get 7 per week and not have it a daily thing.  It allows for the same restriction of people not blowing through the content, without screwing people over that can't play every day. 

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How about we make it a limit of 60 per two months?  That way offshore rig workers who work one month on, one month off will still be able to do the same number of raids as everyone else without having to leave their jobs.  [/joke]


go raid get no reward
I can see many ppl do that often


Some people have actually suggested it for the credits.

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It does need to be changed but I doubt it ever will because limiting the player and implying them to f themselves is how DE shows their love for the player/customer. This entire limit nonsense is bs and frankly stupid to punish those that can do it more often then others.

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