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Eclips: Lips of fate


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In a surveilance room on board of a military D class vessel the Graneer posted there observed the cameras, the storage deck down below was filled with machinery the ship was apointed to deliver to the outer rim mining facilitys beyond earths space. While looking at the screens there was a slight blur while it reajusted, the officer turned his attention to this phenomena. While he was ocupied looking at the screen, there was a sound of something moving behind him. As he turned around a blade sank into his neck, severing the vocal cords. As the sharp tool was pulled free the splater of blood covered a figure camoflouged in the room. The blade soon vanished into the shadows, as the dead graneer was left lyeing on the consol before him.

In the safety of a command room the captain was looking through several pages of the reports of teams Sigmus and Termos. The rummors of a great new enemy's advance had reached the aliance, there were six stations destroyed near Mars and the remaining forces were unresponding, connections to several other sectors was silent as well. The infected were pushed back from the main setlements and the Corps forces had sustained heavy losses. The captain turned to the door behind him guarded by several troops.

"How much longer till we arive to the outer rim?"

"But a matter of hours sir."

"Good, prepare the loading bay, hand them the resources and collect the mineral crates."

The trooper noded his head and left through the door. While the captain turned his attention to the screen before him there was a flash of an explosion from the other side of the window. The room down below was shreaded and destroyed drowning in flames. The captain quickly jumped from his seat and gazed through the glass, yelling at the remaining soldiers.

"What are you sitting around for, go deal with it!"

After the guards left, the captain remained staring through the glass, he could see something moving down below, a shadow passing all his soldiers, sloughtering them one by one. Soon he heard the door open again. As he turned there stood a soldier he'd never seen before holding a blood smeared blade, behind him lyed the remains of the guards stationed outside the door. As he looked closer there was an "EX03" printed on the side of its chest. The soldiers helm had a small horn peaking out, the helm itself seemed rather round.

The captain quickly grabbed his blaster and as he began to aim it at the being before him, there was a quick pain on his hand, the pistol flew out of his fingers and turned around, aiming for his head. As he staired down the barrel of his own gun. A shape began to emerge from nothing, as though covered with a silver liquid the soldier before him had a flat helm with curved edge's, the V06 symbol was printed on its side. The gun flashed splatering the captains head upon the glass behind him. The body slowly slid down the wall, and sat to the ground. As more graneer soldiers apeared from the entrance behind the coredor. The blood smeared sword wealder, sheathed his crimson fang and pulled out a machine gun, shooting down the running front line of attackers. The V marked one turned the captains blaster on its own forces and shot several soldiers standing behind cover, once the clip was empty the soldier streached its hand and a chain of sparks flew forth hitting the doors consol forcing it shut. Taking a few steps away from the glass, the sword wealding one threw him a new pistol from his pocket. The V marked one turned the gun upon the glass and pulled the trigger. The see through wall's were tougher then they thoughed and held back, yet cracking to the corners. The captains killer handed him back the gun and took the machine gun in its place. While EX marked one un sheathed his blade once more.

Jumping forth for momentum the two charged the glass befor them. Slaming it with they're shoulders, the two laned at the edge of the fire's light up by crimson flames, two marines emerged weilding shot guns, as they aimed for the two soldiers, a knife flipped around ones neck and pulled him back into the flames, a dark leg smashed the other one in the head shatering his healm, as the soldier flew to the side a dark figure with its back turned to the two intruders shot a barage of bullets through both of they're heads. The figure stood with a helm with two horns, and an L02 on his shoulder. The three soldiers stood there for a moment as a transmition came in through they're comunicators.

"This is Black Lotus, we just aquired mass life signals aproaching you from the front of the vessel, they're bringing out heavy infantry. It's time to leave."

The three soldiers didn't waist any time and rushed to the engine room where the're were several escape pods. Along the path there were a few solders that tried holding them up, yet with a few flash the blade wealder left only blood stained floors as reminders. As they aproached the engine chambers the fastest rout was through the three bridges. Taking the upper one they were pushed back by the enemy. The new friend did not holt at such a trivial matter and jumped off the bridge to his fall. With a flash of light he was now upon the second bridge, in the middle of enemy's. Shooting his gun at the head of one, he quickly kicked pushing the second foe off the bridge. As he fell upon the surface of his helm there was an image of another graneer marine falling to his doom. As the floor aproached he was splattered slamming upon the machinery below. The horned one continued pressing forth killing the enemy.

Back on the main bridge the Ex unit ran forth through the path as a flash of light, slicing all in his path. The V marked one followed him shooting all foes upon the 3rd bridge. once across they were almost to the evacuation point all that was left was the hall before them. Rushing through there was a slight problem lying in wait. The doors ahead were sealed shut, and requred several minuets to hack it. While they approached the floor bellow the sprk shooting soldier slowed down to a holt. He watched the others run ahead, allowing them to gain enough time to open the door, he prepared to face the enemy on slout alone, he placed a small plate upon his chest and slowly disapeared into the shadows. After reaching the door, The horned one bashed it several times, it was locked shut. As the swordsman began to hack the nearest consol, L noticed that they're ally was'nt there.

As the enmy masses aproached the doorway to the hall they pushed ahead, passing by the enemy soldier un noticed by them. Taking they're grounds and cover below the stairs of the two intruders. While the firefight raged, Ex was nearing the completion of the hack, the two horned one was holding off the enmy advance, yet his weapons were slowly running dry out of ammo. Through the hored of foes emerged a solder in a white frmaed armor wealding a granade louncher, it was the heavy infantry of the graneer forces aboard the ship. More forces pushed in through the doors, and the graneer army was taking the uper hand, yet once the consol was broken, the doors slid open, but behind them were several other soldiers lying in wait. As they lifted they're guns, a spark flew from the middle of the hall, a great sphere of lightning engulfed the field, each electric piece of equipment was blasting from the force, shatering and shooting out light upon the graneer forces, the consol broke splitting the lightning around them. As the granade louncher wealding marine fell to his knees, a gun sliped up against his head, with a small pull of the trigger, the helm of the granadeer cracked splatering blood through its holes. It soon feel forth to the ground, next to the other graneer forces, burnt to death in they're suits, by the electric shocks.

As the three intruders left the ship through the escape pods, aboard the pod, L pulled out a small device from his pocket, presing down upon a small red button. Within seconds, a massive explosion shoock the space forcing all asteroids away from the shreded ship that was once a Graneer vessel.

"Job well done, the enemy's intel upon our operations have been dealt with. Your next mission will be upon the minning station, land in the rim of the region and move with cotion, until the next mission is complete, we are going to radio silance. Black Lotus signing out."

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As the three soldiers approached the drop site along the asteroids stone ridge, they noticed a faint red glow emitting from a crater extending deeper into the floating rock nearby. The one of them called Loki pointed at a clearing nearby and signaled the other two for landing. Once they're feet were safely and firmly on the floating stone surface the group slowly advanced upon the faint light. The crater was located behind a ridge of the corner of the asteroid, forming a dark cave that was beyond the light from the Sol star. As they approached the blade wielder gazed back at his comrades and nodded proclaiming that he'll advance first.

Beyond a few steps he slowly grasped back behind his belt and pulled out the sword gripping its handle. As he jumped around the corner, prepared to bolt forward and kill whatever was inside, he could only find a red glowing thorn cowered lasso. It was emitting a great amount of energy in the art of heat, as was indicated in the warrior’s helms scanners. He lifted his hand and signaled the others to come closer, for it was safe. As the the stepped closer to see what the whip was, Loki stopped midway and quickly swung his arm avoiding something nearby, then quickly rushing to the wall and slamming whatever was standing in his way. The cave was in deep darkness, without a pitch of light, there was nothing but they're sixed sense to guide them. Without pressure there was no sound, nor light within the cavern. The V marked soldier pulled something from behind his belt, a small metal disk that with a small twitch emitted light. The content of the cave was quickly revealed as the rays of light, pierced through the shadows. Loki held a small frail looking red soldier whose helm was reminiscence of a burning flame. As the one grasping his blade stepped closer a short dark dagger quickly surrounded his neck, a brow colored soldier with ribbed sleeves held him at the blades edge. Ex labeled warrior firmly gripped his blade preparing to strike, but before he could another warrior walked in through the caves entrance, he was grayish brown browed shouldered and resembled a rhinoceros. By his appearance he was clearly hiding in the shadows of the asteroid lying in wait.

The V marked one stepped forward to him and extended his hand, it was clear to see that the the two knew each other from the relaxed motion in the Rhino's shoulders. Upon the dirt of the ground V quickly wrote "We are the assault squad sent by Black Lotus, I am Volt and these are Loki and Excalibur. Its heartwarming to see you again old friend“. The new soldier that had just entered the cave signaled his team to relax, to witch Volt responded the same. Once the Ex one was released his attacker jumped back into the shadows and disappeared out of sight. Loki released the flaming helmed one and returned to his teammates. The rhinosorece unit wrote down on the ground "Same to you old friend, we are the stealth squad, we've been posted here for the past few cycles, I'm Rhino and these are Ash and Ember. Whilst here we managed to locate the critical locations of the sector but problem is the escape routes, there’s only two. The one you came in and the galactic jump gate beyond the belt."

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Whilst they waited for the perfect timing to come. The soldiers called tenno's rested sleeping away the pain and preparing for the attack. Ash stepped forth as the first to stay on watch, Rhino stayed up at the caves entrance, while he hid in the shadows over watching the mining complex. Volt sat in the corner twitching his fingers, within his head old memory's rushed they're coarse, bringing back pain long forgotten. The fires of his memory’s burned him from within and he soon shocked himself awake. As he jumped gasping for air, rhino turned back at him and calmly asked.

"Still having those dreams?"

"Is ... the channel secure?"

Rhino gazed out through the entrance and answered.

"Yeah, only a few feet and privatized between us. Just like you always said, be careful or die carelessly."

"Yeah, we lost many friends in our war. Still we can't forget the ones we lost."

"How can we forget, for whom we fight and for what we chose this fate?"

While the two spoke, Ash jumped down from the top of the entrance and pointed at a ship between the asteroids. It was an automated shipment carrier, built for moving the mineral from smaller mining stations to the main transit station. Rhino nodded and turned back to Volt.

"Wake the others, our ride is here."

The container followed a programmed rout through the belt avoiding asteroids and floating to the transit docks. The tenno's jumped vaulting over the gaps and rushing to the container. Loki and Ash jumped with flash's of light quickly arriving at the cargo carrier. While the others rushed to the asteroids nearby. As Loki and Ash landed they noticed that the container was slightly off balance, knocking one of the smaller asteroids away, that collided with a larger one sending a few of them to drift off. Volt stopped ahead and turned around giving Ex and Ember a help to jump over the gap. Whiles in mid flight Excalibur noticed that the gap was a bit too large and grabbed amber jumping ahead in a flash of light, Though that forced them both to over jump flying over to another asteroid across the transits rout. Yet that left Rhino and Volt stuck behind.

"Damn it, looks like we'll have to separate and adapt."

"Looks like it, at least this sent us closer to the ventilation docks."

"Well better then drifting into an enemy armada... Lets hurry up, maybe we can still manage to salvage this operation."


At the transit station a group of four guards were posted, whilst they awaited the arrival of the new shipment, one of them noticed an unusual movement in the belt. As he gazed at it, he called for his friend to take a closer look.

"What’s that?"

"Looks like the transit hit a few rocks..."

On the roof of the convoy Loki looked at Ash and the two of them jumped off the sides of the ship descending into the dark space. Within seconds in a flash of light they were both on the station side where the two guards stood before. Watching them both float away in space. Moving ahead, they both reached the pillars as soon as the shadows of the other two were beneath they're feet they both struck forth slicing they're enemies throats.

"Not bad, don’t you think kid?"

Loki mumbled while ash turned away and continued to the docks out of sight.

"And I'm stuck with the silent one, perfect... seriously, why couldn't it have been the girl?"

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Whilst the other two groups snuck in silently and slowly moved to they're destination. Ex and Ember were stuck floating on an asteroid slowly approaching the edge of the mining sectors base.

"Now what, you took us too far from the entrance."

Ember complained while the swordweilder scouted for any remaining entrances. Near the edge up above the ridge there was a small door leading to the dump container. There was no clear knowledge of its functionality due to its positioning. Yet it was the only remaining choice. While Ember was wasting time, he refilled his power containers with a Ion synthesized capsule that he rammed into his hand. With the replenished energy reactor he pulled her near the creators edge that he was planning to use.

"What do you think your-"

She said before Excalibure rushed at her in a streak of light and leaped forth, grabbing her once again. The voide of atmospheric pressure prolonged they’re trajectory till they landed on the side of the massive asteroid base. Continuing his run they reached the hatch and with a bit of force broke it open. Once finally inside they were stuck in the waist Container. After a quick march through it the two had finally reached what seemed a secure exit. Through an old ventilation sachet they made they're move to the engineering station located near the end of the asteroid.

"Thanks to that even a cross bread infected could smell us."

"Your words ring the same as Loki's."


Further on in the compound Ash and Loki were nearing they're objective of reaching the life support system and detonating it. Since it was located near the archive system in the asteroid, there was a secondary objective of investigating its contents. While Loki continued through the compound in a camouflage sequence, posing as a guard, no soldier bothered stopping him. Though Ash's whereabouts remained a mystery, after the landing site they separated once they reached the bigger chambers ahead. Hoping that he remembers his job Loki continued to the archives. Near the entrance there were merely two guards posted, but with the cameras watching there was no way of dealing with them without attracting attention.

"Halt, by order of Magister Phitos, access to the archives is prohibited."

"Yes, well I was ordered to fetch a few records classified under the subcategory Orias. Phitos desires to investigate the new incidence approaching on this sector."

Whilst Loki was trying his best to sweet talk past the guards, a sword pierced through the roof of the room piercing the camera. The two guards jumped pushing Loki to the side and aiming for the intruder. Loki instinctively gripped the guards hand and twisted it till he could reach the gun, pushing it to the side he forced the graneer soldier to pull the trigger and shoot at his allies hand. The guns force shattered the armor ripping the flesh of the soldiers fingers. As his gun fell Loki hooked his heel to knock it up and catch with his other hand blasting the guards head. The bullet pierced through his ears and left a massive hole on the other side spraying its contents all over the wall. Quickly he twisted the remaining guards gun up to his chin and forced his finger upon the trigger. The gun shot was suppressed but the remains of the head splattered over the door and Lokis helm. After the two guards were down, he dropped the gun and turned around to find Ash staring at him.

"Damn and you hat to blow the camera, I was almost inside."

Ash didn't flinch and turned to the locked door, within less then a second he had it open and the two of them had access to the archives. Loki brushed the oozing blood of his helm and continued into the room. In the middle of it stood a container with a big lump of flesh. After hacking into the computer Loki found that the facility was also used for research, on the infected. The subject was named Astino a former graneer captain that was the sole survivor of a fleet sent in to deal with an infected station in the near star system. The recorded abominations were much different from the ones the Tennos had faced before. The research showed that the whole star system was under they're control and the entire forces were following the orders of some new entity, an organized infected hoard. This was a nightmare that the Tennos had never imagined. Aside from the research on this subject they held two relics and contained several Zetta Bytes of information stored in they're servers. Due to the lack of time Ash and Loki both chose several Terras to download that would be helpful in they're battles. Once the information was safely stolen, Loki introduced the facilities systems to a new virus, a net eater that would spread and destroy any information connected to the Tennos. Once the injection was made, Ash placed a time bomb near the container with the infection subject, they took the two relics and both left the archives.


During that time volt and Rhino were creating a massive distraction in the east construct. Most of the soldiers flocked to they're location to hold them off. Including groups of heavy graneers and several commanders. The two were pinned down and bidding for time.

"You think the kids will make it, V?"

"If they dont we'll be here anyways."

"Just like the good old day's huh..."

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As time went by the pressure from the graneer forces began to increase, with each wave of the graneer soldiers they were slowly being cornered and disarmed. The bullets had become as few as drops of water in a desert. They had to abandon they're current position, the room was big yet too unfavorable for them to defend. Once the pistols had been emptied they both had to fight hand to hand to escape the graneer hoard. Volt had a twisted blade pulsing with energy at his back that he pulled out slashing away the heads of the three soldiers closest to them. Whilst they were slowly falling to the ground, Rhino gripped two handles of twin axes mounted on his back over the shoulder. Slamming the blades into a commanders neck he ripped it off its shoulders sending out a gushing fountain covering the area around the body. While he protected his ally, V could finally use a ion injector to regain some strength. While he slammed the sharp end of the synthesized substance into his shoulder a running granner jumped him with a ring saw blade. Falling to the ground with the enemy on top of him Volt used his momentum to send him flying over and off to a row of graneer soldiers. As the barrage slammed into them his blade nabbed a fellow soldier on the neck and ripped a gapping hole sending blood in a spraying pillar to the side of Rhinos axe, that slashed a few of the drops in midair while being swung at a soldiers shoulder gashing off his hand and forcing him to drop the gun with the finger still on the trigger spraying bullets at the feet of fellow marines. The graneer with the missing arm screamed in pain before the second axe slammed him in the mouth sending the top half of his head clean off in one pull releasing the axe. The spray of projectiles gashed through the armor of several marines before the clip was finally emptied and the barrage ceased. The soldiers fell to the ground before noticing the furious rush of the Rhino cleaning a quick path through the graneer hoard. Volt lifted his leg in the air and with a quick kick to the ground began spinning on his shoulders slicing away the feet of the enemy’s around him, shifting his center of gravity he spun to his feet and stroked his blade along the necks of the marines ending they're torment in a quick stroke of a brush of blood. Once back on his feet he sheathed back his blade and spread his arms as sparks began to flow around his body, lights flickered and a field of electricity surrounded them burning the flesh off the bones of every graneer soldier in the vicinity.

"Thats the last of them, lets head to the next section, we should meet Ash and your Loki there."

Volt fell to the ground the surge of the suit had slightly damaged his shields, they were currently out of order following a system error.

"We need to hurry, the shields out of order."

As Rhino rushed to the door across the room he heard Volts voice.



As he turned back he was gazing up at the roof, once Rhino looked the same way, he saw it. A shady image of a blue Tenno unit with a spiky helm, in its hands it held a blade burning red as though in flames. The unit quickly turned away and disappeared in the shadows above.

"What the hell, how is that possible?"

"I know, she's dead..."

While they stood there few doors opened with a new wave of soldiers rushing to battle them.

"No time for memories we need to get out of here!"

Rhino pulled Volt away. As the two rushed through the door, rhino dropped several cubes behind him, after they fell and stopped rolling like dice, the cubes began to shine as though gift wrapped. Once the first group of graneer units reached the door, the cubes shined with intense light before releasing a large explosion shattering the door mechanism and forcing it to an emergency shut down. Witch forced the rooms other doors to close immediately. As they were approaching the exit, it began to move, blocking the path before them. Rhino was first so he immediately rushed to the door using his charge ability to boost his speed. As soon as he was close jumping made him fly through rolling to the other side. Volt ran leaping to the small gap sideways, just barely flying through the closing gap. His shoulders were first through and he was still mid flight when the door sealed behind him.

"That was way too close."

"Yeah but that Tenno, it looked like."

Rhino gazed at the door behind them.

"Yeah, I know."

"But, she's dead how is that possible?"

"Another, SH unit?"

"You know that there are few of them and Shard was the only one that was nearest to this sector at all times. You know that its impossible."

"Yeah, but do you think that a walking dead suit is more likely?"

"No, its just that..."

"It wasn't our fault, she chose to stay back then remember."

Rhino patted Volt on his shoulder and they both continued on to the next section, witch was only accessible by the elevator.

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Ex and Ember continued through the long vents till they reached the mining quarters. It was directly beneath them, as they observed the movement of the troops X carefully unhooked the fans blades and pulled them up placing them further down the tube and out of they're way. Beneath the workers were moving several hundred gallons of explosive materials, this was they're best moment to struck. Ember reached out with her hand forming a small spark as she snapped her fingers, the spark quickly formed into an orb of flames. Once released the fire dropped to a small spill from the container and erupted into flames faster then anticipated. The workers quickly scrambled to find safety and take out the fire before it reached the larger containers. She pulled out her blaster and shot a single bullet blazing through the room and sending the massive containers into a firry inferno. With the blazing flames burning everyone in the room. Ember gripped the edge of the fans opening and gracefully rolled out through it dropping to the flames below, her landing was softened as though the flames acted as a cushion to protect her, once she was on firm ground, the blaze retreated as though avoiding her. Excalibur hooked one end of his gun to the vents rim and descended down by a wire fixated to his weapon. When both were finally on firm ground they moved to the rooms further in the quarters. Most of them were sealed due to the fire, though they lead to ether living quarters or further into the mining facility. One particular gate was sealed tightly, leading to the secondary storage spaces. They both descided that allowing the fire to reach those rooms would be beneficial to they're goal and attempted to unlock it. The room was sealed behind a triple security vector, which required them to hack three consoles before the door could be opened.

Excalibur worked on the first one near the door while Ember made her way to the consol deepest in the flames. Witch left X vulnerable to the flames, he had to rush, for it was a matter of time before the fire would burn him alive, his shield could protect him only for so much. Once he had finished hacking the first consol, he had to escape from the flames as quickly as possible. The empty container in the corner was the best choice so far. Yet reaching it would mean running through the blazing inferno. Without a sign of doubt he rushed through it leaping to the wall to escape the fire, the form of the rock meant that he would need to change trajectory. Jumping to the side of the container he ran vertically to its top and searched the room for any signs of the third remote station. It was nearby, across the rails on the second floor, yet it was close to the only door that was still unlocked, witch would leave him vulnerable to a surprise attack. Taking the chance, he leaped to the walls making his way to the rail to reach the consol. Once over it he could finally start the hacking operation. There was unique coding that was not similar to the other one, this was probably the master control for the whole mining operation. While he was breaking the systems parameters the brushing of metal from the door behind him echoed down the hall. A group of graneer soldiers swarmed the room. Once they reached half way past the hall a wave of fire erupted from the side, with a storm of bullets piercing and exploding in the enemies path, Ember stood at the side of the floor.

"You should really tell me when your doing something reckless!"

"Keep them busy I'm almost done here."

Whilst the bullets broke through the helms of the marines rushing the room, leaving but a path of fire behind them. The soldiers attempts were all in vain for their numbers were too few to break past the fires before them. With the last shot drilling deep into the graneer soldiers eye and boiling his brains, falling down to the ground with foam and blood escaping through the gapping hole. Ex finished on the consol and turned to her.

"Nice shooting."

"A gals gotta protect herself aint she?"

"Lets just get to that door."

Once back down to the door covered in flames they could finally pass. As X pressed the mechanism to open it, the door twisted its metal seals and began to separate opening a dimly light room. Inside stood a four legged machine big enough to crush the soldiers beneath its feet.

"Is that?"

"Hyena? Yeah, but wasn't it destroyed?"

"Its Corps tech, how did they get this?"

"Probably raided one of their ships and rebuilt it with they’re own technology."

Ex quickly turned to the side, on the second floor of the hanger that was the store room there stood a figure. It was a Corps scientist, but his suit was different, holding Graneer markings. This was something they had never encountered.

"So you found me, doesn't matter my H-2.8 will crush you soon enough!"

He yelled as he pulled out a small remote, it was clearly linked to the massive machine before them. As its helm began to light up the legs began to twitch, and the massive creature came to life. As it rose its leg swinging down at them. Excalibur jumped to the side grabbing Ember by the shoulders, they both rolled away as the machine began to turn around. Ember lied on the ground while Ex was on top of her.

"What are you doing?"

"This isn't the best place to fight it, we need to lure it to the other room."

The man on the second floor laughed at them.

"Crush them my pret-."

He was quickly silence by a bullet piercing his neck with a flame.

"He was rather annoying."

After they got back up the two escaped to the blazing inferno that was beginning to die down. The machine moved quickly after them, while spraying a barrage of bullets. The flames did not seem to effect its armor and it was still well equipped. As soon as it slam down its leg a shock wave threw them both to the ground. The shock wave also seemed to effect the shield system, for it was slightly jammed and out of order.

"What now!?"

Ember screamed as they tried to avoid the constant barrage of projectiles heading they're way.

"Do you trust me?"


She asked before turning to X who was spinning at her his blades, he slammed the blunt edge at her and threw her to the wall directly beneath the central consol on the second floor.

"Reach the controls."

Ember quickly understood what he had in mind, mid flight she noticed the massive crane claw above on the roof. Twisting her body to land with her feet on the wall she quickly rushed to the controls behind the rails. The bleeding body’s were covering the hall behind her, flinging a few mines into they're mitts she activated the controls and pulled the claw as close to the corner where the hyena robot was. The machine was still a bit too far near the room where it was found.

"Draw it out a bit more!"

Excalibur back flipped to the rock pillars behind him, that’s when he noticed that the machine had a cannon for long ranged combat. As soon as it began to fire he jumped to the side avoiding it. The explosion near the base of the pillar sent it crumbling down, the rocks provided some protection from the creature. It was finally forced out of its hole and Ember could activate the crane to grab it. As soon as the crane took hold of the machine it was lifted off the ground and raised to the top. The hyena turned its head to the controls where Ember was at and began firing the guns mounted to its helm. While she was under suppressed fire, a bolt of blue light struck through the room shooting Ex to the cranes claw above the machine, with one slice he cut it loose sending it to a plummeting fall down to the ground, the shock from the impact damaged its armor cracking it open near the head of the creature. X kicked away from the roof and fell sword first to the gap stabbing it to the ground, as the creature began to move a pillar of fire rose around the sword forcing Excalibur to release it, burning deep down into the machines insides it quickly began to react and as soon as X pulled his blade out and jumped aside the machine exploded from the inside.

"Well that was fun."

Ember said as Ex climbed up the stairs.

"Next time warn me before you use my blade as a receiver."

Walking down to the door before them, Ember noticed a slight difference in X he was slightly limping and held the blade closer to his hip. As though he had been harshly wounded.

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Once the gates were all closed and sealed behind them, Volt and Rhino took the first elevator descending to a connection chamber within the bottom of the station. There was a long dimly light corridor leading to the central chambers of the asteroid. Along the way, V heard something behind him, a tapping sound. As he turned back to look, the hall was flickering without a sign of movement.

"Is there something?"

Volt turned back to his friend and answered.

"No, just my imagination ..."

They both rushed to the elevator across the hall. While waiting for it to arrive, the noise from the hallway became louder. They both now turned to the hall behind them, there was a massive dark substance moving through the hall. It was crawling through the walls and rushing through each opening. The cluster of movement soon appeared in the flickering light as armored spiders, some had small red bleeping devices on they're backs the others rushed forth with powerful blades for legs.

Rhino quickly pulled out the gatling gun that had already the last few bullets in it. Aiming at the clusters of the robots he began shooting. One by one they fell with the red tinted ones exploding and destroying the hull, but as soon as they were down, others rushed to take they're place. Volt shot a few bolts of lightning but the spiders fell to the ground soon jumping back to they're feet.

"What the heck are these things?"

Rhino asked while releasing the last of his ammo, once it was finally empty he threw it into the cluster of the spiders. While they spliced the gun to shreds the doors of the elevator finally opened.

"Get inside, now!"

Once inside the elevator volt began to gather the last of his energy to release a final bolt of lightning. At the last moment as they ordered the elevator to move he pushed his hands away from his chest, releasing a massive storm of electricity that flowed the walls and ceiling, floor of the hall, shortly stalling the spiders. While the doors closed the two were finally safe behind the doors, yet with this surprise attack they were down to they're swords and axe's.

"What was that?"

"I never thought the Graneers would have Hive bots..."


"The Corps used them years ago capturing planets... They were thought to be destroyed long ago."


Down bellow, in the hall filled with spider droids. The elevator across the hall opened, into the darkness stepped a dark armored figure, with a pulsating crimson light surrounding its edges. The figure had a helm of a hound like creature, he held a dark steel staff with a curved twisted blade at its end, as he pulled his arm back and swung the blade of the staff across the room, a wave of shadow swept through the hall, each single machine fell to the ground lifeless as soon as the wave touched it.


Back in the elevator Volt checked his pistol for any ammo still left in it, there were merely three shots left. As he slammed the gun shut he saw the roof of the shaft approaching above them. Rhino watched the current location of the other teammates on his navigator in the helm.

"Let’s finish this and get the hell out of here."

He said as they turned to the door before them. Opening the doors they saw a figure standing in front of them. It was a lightly armored graneer soldier with metal claw’s for legs, his left arm was a mechanical one, three times the size of the other one. Rhino lifted his hands to grab the two axes on his back, but the soldier grabbed him by the neck slamming him to the wall of the elevator shaft, Volt griped the blade at his hip and before he could pull it out the granner soldier snagged him by the shoulder, stretching the leg as a three fingered claw he locked down Volts right arm with the blade in hand. The pressure exerted on his shoulder was beginning to crack the armor.

"You two have been quit a troublesome setback to our operations. Did you think we wouldn't notice the lack of our ship and wouldn't prepare. You'll now pay for all the trouble you cost us."

Increasing the strength in his arm and leg the crushing them both. Rhino was a heavily armored unite, prepared to take more damage and deal out all it could, but the power of the arm pressing down on his neck was slowly damaging the armor surrounding his chest. The Graneer leader gazed into the helm of Volt and noticed a slight reflection of his own face, there was a red dot creeping up his neck. As soon as it was centered on his face, there was a red light surrounding him centering and concentrating. When he turned back, there stood Loki with a cannon on his shoulder aimed at them.

"Smile for the camera!"

He yelled before pulling the trigger, the soldier released the two tennos from his grip trying to avoid the blast, but Rhino gripped his arm and held him tight, Volt leaned back holding his leg. The rocket released from the barrel flew directly at them smashing directly at the back of the mechanized soldier. The explosion ripped the skin off his face revealing metal plating under the skin. The blast threw the other two aside, Volt slammed at the rim of the elevator and Rhino fell outside the container. The controls of the machine was damaged and the functions of the elevator were destroyed, the doors were damaged and unable to close.

"You think, that is enough to kill me? I am Phitos, Grand Magister and ruler of the Sol System."

He yelled as the graneer stood back up and turned to them, he noticed that below him stood Ash with his blade aimed at the side of his hip to slice away the legs. Phitos razed his leg to protect himself while jumping back, but a shot from Volt knocked his knee to the side enough to be a perfect angle for Ash to cut it off. With his leg gone and the oil bleeding out he slammed the ninja to the ground with him with his left arm, Rhino jumped back to his feet pulling out one of his axes and slammed them into the shoulder region of the arm ripping it away, leaving but the wires and oil leakage pouring out. Once on his knee the Magister raised his head, before him stood Volt with the gun aimed at his eye.

"Consider yourself retired."

He pulled the trigger blasting to the deepest ends of his metal skull and destroying everything within. The body soon followed, falling to the ground and bleeding out the oil within.

"Well that was one ugly dude."

"Lets just keep moving."

Rhino responded as they left for the hanger that they were supposed to meet up at.

"Where did you get the cannon anyways?"

"Borrowed it from some soldiers..."

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With the path before them cleared the four continued through the slightly guarded rooms to the hanger. Loki jumped teleporting himself to the place of a graneer soldier and sending him to the place he was. As soon as the soldier looked around he could only see Rhinos axe descending down upon him, slicing away his arms the guard fell to the ground bleeding to death. Loki pointed his pistol to the three guards before him guarding the path and shot several times. With one down the other two shifted their attention to him, but one was quickly pierced by a blade rising from the floor brought forth by Ash from a dusty could. Before the third one could realize what was happening he was burnt inside his suit by Volts bolt of lightning. Considering each others strength and weakness they all moved forth taking down each guard one by one. Once they reached the bridge connecting them to the hanger, Ash leaped over Loki switching his place with Rhino who immediately began to charge ahead through the guards swarming the bridge. The stampeding tenno quickly knocked each enemy off the path sending them down to a plummeting death. Once they were close to the meeting place, Volt began contacting X and Ember.

"Caliber where are you?"

"We've secured a ship for evacuation, Embers dealing with the guards. What’s your location."

"Bowling for heads!"

Loki responded as they crossed the door to the hanger, Ember was slicing away the last of the guards that had the ship surrounded. After they had all gathered they could finally relax.

"Nice work Tennos, the order shall be pleased."

"Lotus is that you, I thought radio contact was off till the missions was complete."

Volt questioned the transition.

"Yes, your mission is over. It is sad that the order shall lose such valuable members."


Ember asked as Lotus finished her transmission. While turning her head to the rest of the group she noticed a dark ominous figure behind them. The hound helmed was followed them into the room accompanied by the hoard of marines guarding the floor.

"Dark Anubis shall give you your final orders, we shall honor your death Tennos."

Volt turned back to the army behind him. They were lead by the dark tenno that followed them before, yet the helm was not the one they saw.

"Finish them Anubis and our job is done."

"What’s the meaning of this Lotus?!"

"No great meaning just business, and to finish it you all must become KIA."

The dark soldier raised the staff in his hands and rushed to the tennos, Rhino pushed Ash out of the way and began charging him. As they both were approaching impact the scythe was swung down and slammed the stampeding warrior in the shoulder. As he fell to his knees Volt rushed to his side, Ash quickly switched places with Rhino using his teleportation. As the two lifted they're blades crossing them to stop the staff held by Anubis, they were struggling to keep they're ground.

"Get Rhino out of here!"

V yelled to Loki and Ember, since the armor was heavier they needed both of they're strength to drag him to the ship. Infuriated by the insolence of the tennos Anubis busted through they're defense forcing them both to the ground, as Volt fell, Ash simply slided away avoiding the impact. The graneer marines began to surround the ship preparing to kill the tennos, X rushed out to help switching places with Loki. While they dragged away Rhino, he began to phase shift into the enemies mitts forcing them to shoot upon themselves, slicing ones hands away and allowing the rest to shoot the others, the constant jumping left him weakened quit fast, once the energy reserves in the suit were depleted he began transferring all the energy from the shields to the ability usage. Anubis was not amused by this little theatric and gripped the scythe tighter preparing to separate Volts head from his shoulders. Before he could finally strike down upon him, Ash once again traded places with his teammate blocking the strike.

"Your little antics are un amusing."

The Anubis unit finally spoke, with a deep oppressing voice he continued to attack Ash. Volt pulled out his gun and shot the final bullet that he had. It quickly blitzed passed the hound shaped helm.

"Was that your final attempt child?"

"No, this is."

Volt answered with joy in his voice, Anubis turned his head slightly to look back, the bullet that was just fired triggered the emergency hanger release mechanism opening the doors to the void of space. While he was gazing back an infected group began to move in through the halls. The laboratory where it was kept had long since been destroyed and it had enough time to prepare for its assault on the living creatures. The vacuum of the void began to draw the graneers out through the gate, as they struggled to escape the hanger, they were assaulted by infected jumping on them and devouring them as they were both sucked out to space. Ash used this opportunity to push back the tenno's attack and escape the fight. Volt pulled the last of his energy reserves and created a wall surrounding them to hold him back while they escaped. Once on the ship V stopped on the entrance to look at Loki, he was stuck behind the enemy lines. That’s when a bang rang the Anubis broke through the wall and leaped being pulled forth by the suction of the void. He was preparing to slice them in half. Volt switched his communicator to Lokis frequency and screamed.


Loki was holding behind a pillar to avoid the force pulling the air out of the hanger. He reached out his hand and with the last bit of energy left in him, commenced the final phase shift switching places with Anubis. Once in his place he fell straight at Volt who caught him pulling him into the ship. Anubis sliced through the pillar and kicked away from it making his way through the hanger by hooking his scythe into the ground and pushing forth to the ship.

"Go now!"

Ember and X were at the controls, as they began closing the door and thrusting forth out of the hanger. Anubis was close to they're ship until at the last five meters, an explosion erupted in the depts. of the facility, the flames quickly burnt through the halls burning the infected, the tremor was felt through the whole station and the scythe came loose from the footing. Forcing Anubis to fly out to space. The ship finally pushed out the gate and began to fly away as the massive explosion separated the meteors shell and the station was destroyed. X turned to the side to see through the window leading to the outside, he could see a massive fleet of Graneer ships approaching from the Sol system.

"What now?"

"There's only one choice, warp jump to the next system."

Volt spoke as he gazed at the fleet behind them. He could see the massive battle ship cannons preparing for fire.


Loki yelled at them as they turned to the side and Ember activated the warp jump. With a stretching and bending of space before them, they shot away out of the line of fire before contact had taken place. Whilst behind leaving the floating remains of the asteroid mining station, where on one stone shell stood Anubis gazing at they're former location.

"They left the system."

"You have failed us Anubis, but that is no big deal. Those tenno shall not be able to survive for long."

Anubis turned back to the asteroids clustered deeper along the ring and continued to perceive to it, where his ship had been hidden.

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Whilst they were warping through the space and time, Volt and Ash took Rhino to the separate room on board the ship. His wounds were great, and the nano suits healing was not working a hundred percent. Stains of blood had begun showing on his shoulder. Using the limited medical supplies they patched his would as well as possible, without proper treatment it was unknowable how long he could last. Once the treatment was done, they both returned to the main control room where the others were. The ship they stole was a small scout vessel, equipped with some ammo and food, yet the supplies would last them but a short time. Ember was controlling the ship, while X was at the back injecting a healing agent into his blood stream. Loki was in the other room across the hall, in the living quarters.

"So what now, while Rhinos out of commission I suppose you are our new leader."

Ember turned to Volt who was standing at the central control module. She turned to Ash who had clenched his fist and after knocking on his chest bowed before him.

"I think Ash agrees."

"That would be wise."

Excalibur intervened as he returned to the controls.

"He is a good leader and a great man. But where do we go now?"

"I still can't believe Lotus betrayed us, she sold us out like some common toys."

A gloomy atmosphere descended upon them, which did not last long. Loki returned to the command room quickly. He explained that the rations on board are only enough for three days. They were not in a favorable situation. Unless they could raid a few ships they were living on a dyeing line.

"Ember where is the ships navigator set to travel to?"

"I don't know, we were in a hurry to leave so I selected the nearest system that would allow the quickest arrival."

Loki looked at her and questioned them.

"Is that the Alfa Century system?"

"Yeah, why?"

They were approaching the end of the warp. As the streaks of light were forming back to their normal shapes they shot out of the warp like launched from a catapult. As soon as they were free, they found themselves in the middle of a space graveyard. The broken and exploded ships were scattered around them with a few big pieces heading straight for them. Ember gripped the controls tightly pulling the ship to the lover right to avoid the debris. After which they were immediately confronted with another, a hard shift to the left sent everyone off balance. With the last blockade in sight they pulled up to escape the collision. Once out of danger they could finally see the ships markings. They were all Graneer battle ships some ranging from class D to B, but amidst them all there was no ship with different markings.

"What's with this graveyard?"

The nearest planet was the only thing before them. Being surrounded by debris and no openings in sight they descended to the atmosphere to travel along the surface to reach the perfect exit. The sky was darkness by the graveyard, as they descended to the atmosphere of a frozen planet beneath them, X noticed a moving signal on the scanners. There were signs of life on the surface of the planet. Ember brought up the camera view of the planet beneath them, magnifying the picture they noticed a pale blue figure rushing along the snowy desert. The frozen waist beneath them was beyond they're sight due to the snow storm, they couldn't make out what it was. While they were busy observing the picture, X noticed an increase in life forms approaching them.

"Volt, we have contacts."

"What, put it on screen!"

The picture was quickly changed to show what was approaching them. It was a massive swarm of infected creatures with large wing spans, they were quickly gaining ground on the approach, Ember took to the controls and began avoiding the creatures. While the image kept shifting Volt recorded it and stopped on a picture of a big bird like black massed creature which was twice the size of the others, its claw was dripping red with a substance that wouldn't freeze in the below zero temperature, in fact it was boiling hot.

"Ember, take us down!"


"Down to the storm we'll land and avoid they're attacks."

As soon as they began to descend into the storm the birds took hast to catch up, but as soon as they were inside the blizzard they quickly ceased, the big one screamed with great fury and the smaller ones dove into the storm after them as though pushed by fear. While they were inside the storm, the sight was limited, and the birds quickly caught up by the nose dive. As they slammed on the hull of the ship, the birds were knocked back as Ember descended into a cavern, with the birds on they're tail she was pressured to out maneuver them in this white blinding blur. With a turn to the side to avoid impact with the cliff one of the following adversaries slammed into the frozen rock and fell to its doom, while the other two ran on they're claws over the side of the rock. The last turn forced hr to avoid the giant pillar of ice growing from the ground, witch one of the birds was not so lucky to avoided crashing into, as the pillar broke and fell, the fall forced the ship to fly out of the cavern, yet the tip slammed against the creature and crushed it on the rocks bellow. Ember tried to pull up harder but the controls weren't responding, with a crashing slide they landed on the surface of the planet.

"What were those things?"

Ember asked, Loki pulled out the data storage unite they had stolen from the station and inserted it to the control panel.

"Those were Corndors, former inhabitance of this planet. Until the infected arrived."

"Those things live in this cold?"

"In a way, there are a few other species that survive here, but they were mostly none meat eating birds. But scavengers."

"What happened here?" Volt questioned.

"By the data we found, the whole planet was created as a settlement but then, the experiments began. They studied the life forms here and the infected geno, but after an attack by a tenno group on the facility there were unforeseen consequences. After that was done, Graneers sent several ships to retake the planet purging the infected, but they were quickly dealt with by something new." Loki explained

"An infected fleet?" Ember asked.

"And aside from that there was something else, Tenno's. Or rather infected Tenno's to be accurate."

"What?!" Volt screamed.

"How is that possible?" Ember soon followed the questioning.

"We don’t know, but this is what they recorded."

"How is this possible?" X soon joined the discussion. "Our suits have protective parameters to be safe from the infected geno."

"Yes, but it seems the experimentation brought forth a new breed."

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While being stranded on the surface, Loki and X tried to fixs the damage suffored from the impact. The greatest damage fell to the systemic region, the ship was still on maintenence and several pieces of the control boards were still out of commision. Ember, Ash and Volt all tended to the other regions of the ship while Ember was making sure the damage inside was minor Volt and Ash searched the outside of the ship for any breaks in the armor. With the ourtside apearing ok, they stayed to guard the vessel. Once X had finally fixed the sensors and most of the systems he reasembled the consel and turned everything back on.

"Volt everything seems to be working but we won't be leaving any time soon."

"Wht do you mean."

"The navagators shot and the stearing control is cracked. We're stuck here for the time being."

While he was checking the systems there was a signal on the scanner again, something had entered the range of the ship.

"Somethings nearby."

"Ok, You and Ember stay to guard the ship. The rest of us will head out to find the target, synch us up with the navigator."

Within a few minuets as Loki stepped out with a gun in hand for Volt. The navigation systems were connected to they're suits and visible on they're helms before they're eye's.

"Ok, the targets less then a click north from here, lets move and try to avoid direct contact."

The two nodded and they all seperated to aproach the moving life form near the ship. Through the snow storm there was a moving figure that was of a pale blue palet simuler to the snow around it, As it set foot forth through the snow, there was a glicining trail behind it, its ovel helm was marked with a snow flake on the corner. Two blue spheres were on the side of it as the blue lines curved beneath the head. The figure was clearly a Tenno agent. Volt stepped forth aiming for his head, but the fighter knocked his gun to the side and rolled over him knocking him away. The figure was quickly pushed to an ambush, Ash stood beneath him with a blade aimed at his throught and a pistol held by Loki at the edge of his helm. From afar Volt aimed at his head with the gun asking him.

"Who are you, were you sent by Lotus?"

"The name is Frost, and I've been here for the past three weeks. I wasn't able to receive any transmitions from off this plante."

Volt stepped a bit closer, but before he could question the unite before him X called them.

"We've just activated the communicator and we've been receiving a strange signal from off world."

"Patch it through."

Within a few seconds the transmition was played through they're communicators.


"The transmition is too fragmented, we can't make it out, the snow storm is breaking the connection."

The lowered they're weapons and took the tenno to they're ship for further questioning.

"As I've said, I've been stuck here for over three weeks. The storage nearby, in the colony still has a few resources. But I can only move around durring the storm, since the birds are too agresive to fight against."

"What about your weapons."

"Aside from these gloves, I dont have a single bullet. I saw you land so I figured I could steal the ship if it was a graneer squad. But now things are looking up."

"More like crashed then landed."

Loki commented on the situation, while sifting through the data he still had stored.

"Yeah, unless we can get the needed parts we're not getting back into the air."

Volt explained, witch seemed to leave the new friend shocked.

"Thats not good, when the storm ends the infected will make short work of the ship. What parts are you mising"

X showed him the two broken peaces from the control pannel that he pulled out.

"I've seen these before, back at the colony there was a shop where there were a few of these."

"Really? How far is this colony?"

"Its about five clicks north with a slight turn to the east, the entrance is in the hill side. Its a small underground city. Though its still got a bunch of infected in it."

"I think the four of us can take care of it."

Volt encouraged him as he pulled out a few ion injectors and a small pack of rations. Throwing them to the blue companion that just joined them.

"Well lets get ready, we leave for the colony as soon as possible."

"Wait a sec, what about us?"

Ember intervened.

"The two of you will guard the ship and make sure nothing gets inside.

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Once they finally moved out, They all followed Frosts lead in a line, to not lose sight of each other. The trip to the colony took time, along the way they passed a few cliffs and holes breaking loss and dropping to a frozen abyss bellow. Volt noticed a big red marking surrounding one of the largest holes.

"Those things nest in there?"

"Yeah, they stay in there during the nights. They hoal the shreds of the ships and mechanics into them. Don’t know what for though."

Frost explained as they continued along the path to the colony. The side of the rocks were littered with claw markings from the birds. One of them was colored red and corroded away as though eaten by acid. As they approached the edge of the mountain within witch lied the colony, there was a trembling roar coming from the cave leading to the entrance. Frost quickly signaled the others to hide behind the rocks.

"What was that?"

Loki asked through the communication frequency.

"A Baluethor, one of the larger species to live here, also a carnivore. It ate the birds."

"Is it still normal."

A fleshly corrupted claw stepped forth from the cavern. The polluted flesh of the creature pulsated with a green mass of toxins.

"No, after it ate a few infected birds, there was no salvation from the corruption."

The beast had four horns on its head that was slightly remenisance of a bear. Its thick hide was covered with breakthrough of the infection.

"Now what?"

Volt turned to Frost asking for a solution.

"There’s an emergency entrance on the other side of the mountain. If we could reach it, we could easily avoid the beast."

"I say we kill it."

Loki voted for murder above safety, for the sheer joy of it.

"I wouldn't advise it. I emptied a whole plasma cartridge on it and couldn't pierce that skin. The gate behind it is damaged and has an opening but avoiding it as a group would be too dangerous."

"Can they communicated with the others?"

"No it seems that the beasts aren’t that evolved, that one still attacks the birds and other animals. I guess that’s why the infected prefer humanoids."

Volt pointed to the back of the mountain where Frost said the emergency escape was. Along the way they noticed several hundred bullet marks along the side of the rocks. It appeared that the colony attempted to fight back the infestation. When they reached the back entrance they found a mountain of snow covering the exit. Frost waved his fingers and the snow moved away from the path, revealing a door leading into the mountain. Once inside they were in a long coridor with infection fungus growing around each corner. The path before them was clear. The hall had many vents leading through the city, but they were much smaller then the ones on space stations. Once they reached the final door leading into the colony.

"I suggest we stay silent and use the swords instead of guns. The enclosed space echoes loudly so it would only attract the rest of the inhabitance."

"So everything’s infected in there?"

"I believe so."

Once the door opened they were standing before a room filled with several chargers and infected beasts. Loki instantly used his phase shift to jump to the back where the beasts were. As soon as he set foot on soled ground again, he pulled out his blade like a bullet slicing away the pulsing streams of the infected. Ash twisted his blade around slicing the head of the infected creature landing in L's place. Leaping forth he proceeded killing the rest of them in the room. One of the chargers rushed the door aiming for Volt, but Frost jumped in between them grabbing him by the chest and crushing in his claws. V gazed up at the splatters hitting the ceiling and noticed a few crawlers on the roof above them. Sending out a quick spark he splattered the heads of the infected. Once the room was emptied of all life, they continued to the gate of the hanger they stood in. Ash leaped back and jumped to the floor above to use the vents as his path. Loki hacked the consol opening the door before them. Once out on the streets, Ash took the high ground making sure to distract the infected while they reached the workshop near the farther corner of the colony. It was near the main gate, yet the path to it was not easy. They were soon forced off the streets to use the roofs of the buildings, jumping from pipes to walls to avoid the infected. But once they reached the center they're path was blocked by the canal running beneath them. This was once heated snow to supply water for the inhabitance, but now with the power gone it was a mere frozen lake. Frost used the corner of the colony to land to the streets, crushing two infected beneath him. Ash, used a similar tactic sliding down a pipe and cutting the few nearby chargers before jumping down. Since he sled down head and shoulders first the fall had him twist his center of gravity to land on his feet. The two remaining beasts were soon silenced as Loki and Volt both descended with they're blades stabbing them down to the ground. The infected were still moving so they both crossed they're blades and slashed the creatures into four pieces. Once all were on the ground they sled down the side of the canal onto the ice beneath them. There were large pipes ahead leading to the many living quarters near the main gate. Along the path they passed several of the infected fungus growing in the sewers. As they were walking by a few beasts were sniffing around, they noticed the noise and smell changing. Once one of them lowered his snout to the rails searching for the origin of the smell, Ash placed his blade in between the gap of the rails and slowly pushed it up stabbing the infected beast above them. Slicing deep into its neck he thrust the blade again slicing the head clean off. Clear of enemy detection they continued to the workshop witch was just a few steps away. As soon as they were before the building, Frost lifted the rail to see whether the enemy was near. Pushing it to the side he crawled up gesturing the others to move. After they jumped out of the pipes, the only obstacle before them was a gate leading into the shop. Behind the wall in the yard there were several infected boomers, witch would make it impossible to get by unnoticed. They used a nearby buildings piping to climb up and reach the targeted building. There was an opening on the roof so it wasn't hard to get in. But once on the second floor of the workshop they noticed a few of the infected crawlers were on the ground bellow. Ash turned to Loki and nodded, they both carefully moved down. Ash used the chains of the lift to slowly reach the bottom. While Loki moved along the stairs, there were a few small creatures with thorn like legs, called Kindlings, carriers of the infection. Loki projected a hologram of himself at the bottom of the stairs that they began to lash out at, witch allowed him to easily stab the little rodents. Though the hologram also took the crawlers attention. They turned to it, the one closest rushed to the enemy while Ash jumped down stabbing the second one, slicing it to bits he then turned to the abomination in the deeper corner of the room, Shooting out a few spinning blades he quickly pinned it to the wall before charging in with the blade. In one fell swoop he separated the creature into two leaving it to silently bleed out. Loki swung down his blade as soon as the crawler jumped into the doorway of the stairs. Killing it without a single sound. Once the infected were finally dealt with Volt and Frost began searching for the circuits.

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While they searched the building for the correct series of the required pieces. Loki inspected the vehicle that was under renovation. It was a military tank, the Leviathan series, they were used during the last war. This one was coated in a burning pattern and equipped with guns and turrets, its cannon was completely devastated. It must have been used during the infestation as a last resort of defense. These tanks were the cause of millions deaths, holding more blood on their tracks then most soldiers could bare too keep shooting. Such a monstrosity used at a colony outpost was unheard of. Ash, pulled the throwing blades of his from the corpse of the abomination, setting them back to place in case of further use. At his feet he noticed a shattered old frame. It held a photo of a bearded man with his wife at his side, under the shards was an image of a child held in the fathers hands. The people living here most likely had no ill will to the creatures surrounding them. The table nearby held a page of paper, with a pen on it. It was a suicide note apologizing to the wife and child. The workshop was a bit too eerie for they're taste. Volt pushed back a few box's and finally found one of the pieces needed. It was the navigation modular that X needed. Soon after that Frost found the missing other part. With all they needed recovered, it was time to leave.

"Frost, you said there were resources here, like food and such?"

"Yes, its near the central piece of the city, close to the emergency exit we used."

"Then that’s our next stop."

Leaving through the roof the same way they came, it was time to once again climbed across the piping. Frost and Ash moved ahead first, they took guard making sure to avoid contact with any infected in the streets bellow. Loki jumped to the pipe gripping it, but as he held tight to the steel, it broke loss, and plummeted down. Loki quickly jumped to the nearest rail, avoiding the fall. But now the path for Volt was destroyed. Loki swung across to the other side and landed behind Frost.

"Now what?"

The infected were quickly attracted to the noise and began to swarm to the workshop near the main gate. The noise also attracted the attention of the infected monstrosity outside the main gate. It began smashing at the door, bashing its way through.

"There’s a path around, but you'll have to use the wall to get across the gate."

"Ok, I'll make my way back to the frozen lake, I'll meet you there."

Volt turned to the wall that was built to secure the city. The gate was twice the size of the building he was currently at. In length it was almost an impossible run. Considering all the possibility's he could only use the middle part of the gate as a leverage to jump off and continue across. As he turned to the others they were moving along the rooftops to the canal. Volt took a few steps back and started running along the roof. On the edge he kicked off jumping to the metal gate, gripping his sword he landed on the wall and started running along the side. As he reached the middle of the gate he could no longer hold traction with the speed he had. Slamming the blade into the wall beneath him, he kicked off the blunt edge and pulled it out cutting a gap in the wall. He was once again airborne running alongside the wall, close to the roof across the gate. Volt was never good at wall runs, since he barely needed it, X was always the one performing this. Before in the first team, it was Shard who performed these tricks. When he was finally in range of the roof. He was drawing the blade alongside the wall to keep traction. As he jumped away, the blade cut a chain holding the gate. The Baluethor took his final charge breaking the thick steel gate and barging into the colony. It instantly rushed for the mass of infected, charging them all down. Crushing them beneath his feet. The breaking of the gate left the city now open to the cold freezing temperature of the outside.

"Was it necessary to break the gate!"

Frost yelled at him through the intercom.

"No point in complaining now, keep moving, if we're lucky this creature will take the infections attention from us."

Volt replied as he continued along the roof's searching for a piping to get across the main street bellow. Noticing a small bridge near the roofs, he was at best chances to reach the where house. When he reached it, Volt noticed that it wasn't fixated to the buildings. This must have been used by the colony members to escape the infections breakthrough. Once across the streets he found the shortest path to the canal to be in an ally, down bellow. As He jumped down, there were many splatters of blood along the walls. This must have been where they killed the citizens. Many rags and remains of human body's were rotting away there. This was a horrible sight to behold. Memory’s of his past began to echo in his suit, the loss of concentration was beginning to show. As he shook it away and continued through the small street, Volt was approaching a crossing. He could see the canal on the other side of the street beyond a small ally blocked by a container. As he ran to it there was an abomination corpse that flew through the main street blocking his path. Volt quickly sled to a halt. As he turned his head around the corner, the Baluethor beast was on the end of the street shredding the hoard of infected before it. While it was distracted it was the best time to run to cower across the street. Volt bolted rushing to the shadows before him, that’s when he noticed the other corpses of the infected thrown at him. He leaped over the path of one of them, twisting in mid air to avoid the other, just above him the flying corpse was still living and growling at the tenno before it. Volt kicked off of it and flew to the corner of the street slicing the third corpse thrown at him. Now finally across the street he was close to the frozen lake, it was just a short walk away. After he jumped over the container blocking his way, he found himself gripped by the leg. When he looked back there was a crawler hiding behind it. Volt thruster the sword into its head and curt off the arm to free himself. Once free he rushed to the shore before him.

"I'm here, where are you guys?"

"We're on the ceiling, the pipes will be a safe path across for us, where are you?"

"I'm near the canal, can you see me? I'm in the street, that beast is shredding those infected and eating what’s left of them."

"I see yo-u... RUN!!!"


Volt turned to see what was wrong. The Baluethor was on top of the building behind him, it must have noticed Volt running across and made its way after him. The beast leaped from the building aiming to crush the tenno beneath his feet. Volt jumped back flipping to land on the side of the canals bank, sliding to the ice bellow. When he gazed to look at the creature it had jumped after him to the frozen canal bellow. Volt avoided it by rolling to the side, the momentum kept him sliding away. The ice began to crack under the enormous creatures weight. That’s when Volt decided to stab his blade into the ice beneath him. The stab was followed with a pulse of electricity separating the ice and forcing it to crack. The beast was now on a drifting, floating ice cube. It lost its balance slightly, but jumped across the frozen lake after him. Volt began to run to the pipe nearest to him to escape the creature. Jumping from one ice block to the next, the creature was following without any concern for its own safety. Volt was just near the opening when the beast leaped over the bridge to slam down upon him. V jumped into the pipe without thinking and slid away, as the creature began to gash out the wall with its paw. After a few futile attempts the giant beast rushed away after a different enemy, perhaps the infected.


"I'm fine Loki. Luckily I reached the sewage system, I'll meet you in front of the warehouse, try to avoid that think if possible."

"Ok, for a moment I thought we'd already need a funeral for our gracious leader."

"Just move ahead ok."

Loki's sarcastic nature was already something he had grown used to. Along the pipe he found several bars and rails blocking the path. Must have been used by the colonists, amazing that they managed to get this far. After slashing his way through the pipes Volt finally reached the place where they were supposed to meet. Once he reached it, the other three were waiting outside on the roof. After pushing the rail out of his way and running up the wall, they were all back together on the where house’s roof.

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On the top of the warehouse there was a window that they used to open and gain access. After Frost jumped in, Loki giggled and gripped the edge of the entrance beneath him and rolled head first into the building landing on his feet. Volt and Ash quickly followed leaving the top open. The place was still stocked half full, but the supplies there were simply feed and water. After they packed a few box's, Loki found several survival packs, which were equipped with first aid materials. Ash walked around the room looking at the stock of rations. While Frost and Volt prepared the few bags that they were going to take back to the ship, Loki took several of the survival kits, after which he moved the box and noticed a few cases of alcoholic beverages.

"This will work wonders against the cold."

Pulling a few canisters out and packing them in a bag, they were almost ready to leave. When Ash returned he tapped on Volts shoulder and pointed him to a corner of the room, behind several box's. He followed the silent assassin to the side of the warehouse, behind the crate there was a figure in the back, deepest corner of the room. There sat a little dark, short haired girl, wearing a thick coat she slumbered.

"What the hell?"

"What is it?"

Frost asked as he followed them to the corner.

"Bloody hell..."

"I thought you said there were no survivors."

"That’s because I haven't been back here for a week, I didn't think anyone would survive here."

Volt pushed the box out of the way to get a better look, the girl wasn’t injured, or infected.

"What should we do with her?"

Frost asked as he looked over V's shoulder.

"I suppose there’s only one choice..."

Volt gripped her by the shoulder and started shaking her, in attempts to wake her up. As the child opened her eye's she was shocked by the three strangely dressed men before her. When she opened her mouth to scream, Volt quickly placed his palm over it to keep her quiet. The beast roaming outside was loud and breaking everything in its path. Volt hushed the girl and slowly moved his hand.

"Are you ok, can you move?"

The girl nodded and looked at the others behind him.

"I'm Volt, this is Ash and Frost, our friend Loki is nearby. How long have you been here?"

"For about three day's, until I got in I was always running from those things outside..."

"Its all ok now, we're leaving the colony, will you come with us. Our ship will take us off this planet."

The girl quickly shifted here eye's back to the figure nearest to her, the other two were standing behind him, Ash gazed at the door to the warehouse, while Frost was fixated on them. The girl nodded with anticipation. After all the horror she experienced this seemed to good to be true.

"Ok then, come with me. We'll get you out of here."

Volt reached out his hand, the child’s frail fingers appeared from beneath the coat and accepted the offer. Frost and Ash both returned to the entrance that they used and picked up the bags. Loki turned to the, seeing Volt walking out with a small girl by his side.

"Well now, this place has everything..."

"Are you gonna be ok carrying her?"

Frost seemed to show concern.

"It's ok, were not too far from the exit."

Once everyone was ready, they started leaving the building one by one. First went Ash, jumping to the rail of the second floor he quickly leaped out of the building and landed on the roof. Loki used the pilled or crates to grab hold of the side of the entrance and jump out. Frost looked at the captain and nodded leaving through the same path. Volt was left with the girl.

"Ok, now hold on tight and don't let go until we reach the exit, and try not to scream."

The girl nodded as he picked her up and held in his arms. Bending his legs Volt forced the enhancements to react and he quickly jumped up out of the building. The wasted energy depleted from his suit, they soon landed near the others. Moving ahead, They crossed the streets by roof till they arrived at the same house they used to enter the colony. It was within they're sight, when the Baluethor noticed them moving along the roofs. It immediately gave chase after them. The child couldn't hold the fear any longer and screamed at the sight of the infected beast. The noise was quick to attract the attention of the rest of the hoard. The group was but a few jumps away from the entrance they used.

"Ash! Can you slow it down?"

The silent member of the group nodded and slowed down, in the jump over the roof to the pipes he kicked of spinning his legs to the side, allowing himself to aim at the Baluethor's eye. With a single shot the beast quickly fell on the roofs rolling and slamming into the pipes, it still gave chase to them, with blood pulsing through the wounded eye. Ash landed on his back, rolling and then rushing to catch up to his group. At the last jump to the entrance, The beast leaped forth aiming to land in the streets. The group rushed through the door and straight to the tunnel leading out of the colony. With the girl still in hand, Volt gazed through the corner of his eye whether the creature was still after them. It bashed through the building blocking the path and continued to give chase. The Beast was slightly slowed down by the wound, but its smell of the prey was still strong. The gate leading to the outside was in sight. As soon as they escaped through the door. Ash was still behind everyone, he jumped to slide through the entrance while shooting his small blade at the doors controls. Once it hit the door began closing and he sled out safely. The beast was finally trapped in the tunnels behind them. Volt placed the girl on the ground as they were all slightly out of breath.

"Lets get moving."

"I agree, the storm might not last long."

Frost added as he gazed up to the sky above. They walked off on they're way back to the ship. The Baluethor was still restlessly trying to carve its way through the door, when a sound of footsteps cam from the colonies direction. As it turned around, the beast's only eye was pierced and bleeding out, but its nose was still strong. The smell of another infected was approaching. Through the dark walked out a figure of a frail dark silver tenno suit, dreadlocks falling on to its back, the creature was still holding a blade tightly in hand. The giant beast opened its mouth screaming its lungs out to it and as it set forth charging at the figure, a single swing of its blade quickly sliced the Baluethor into two. The beast separated with most of its organs still intact, the figure continued its path to the door the boots it wore crushed the still beating heart of the giant beast. the figure stepped forth with only one hand still attached to its body. The door before it leading to the outside was a mere toothpick to the blade, slashed away it slowly continued on its path to follow the tenno group.

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Back on the ship, Ember was tending to Rhinos condition, it seemed to be worsening and the medical supplies were running out. After she left the medical bay, X was working through the system and preparing for the other return.

"So why did you choose to become a tenno?"

Ember asked, which took him by surprise. Excalibur turned to her and said.

"Why do you ask?"

"I already spoke to the rest of my team. Rhino chose this path after the war, to protect the civilians, his first team mates were also war survivors. He wanted to fight for the weak and be they're strength."

She sat down and slowly slid down to place her head on her arms.

"Ash chose the path, to follow his father's murderer witch destroyed his clans house and ripped his vocal cords out. The perpetrator left him for dead, but after a few day's he survived and came to the Tenno Order to gain power to destroy the Henshu Lord."

"And what about you? Did you share your story to anyone?"

Ember sat back up.

"How did you know that?"

"Your easy to read, so its simple to understand it."

"If I tell you my tale, will you share yours."

X lowered his head, thinking about it and soon he looked at her and nodded his head.

"Me and my sister were in the colony vessel of Serbonus 902. We were on rout to the planet that was soon to be our home."

She lied back down on her hands.

"We were about three cycles to arrival when the pirates stroke our ship. The battle was short since they caught us off guard, but after the red alert sounded we were instantly pulled to the evacuation vessel. There were only six of us on board, we were scared. The escape ship was soon captured by the pirates and pulled on board. They dragged us out and began questioning. After we spent six cycles on they're ship, they began executing us one by one. The old man that was with us dyed on the first day, then the soldier that was with us. They then continued to the couple that was pregnant with a child. The Gurnai pirates killed them and held us for two more days. When our time came, we were pulled out and ordered to choose to be they're hoers or get to choose which one dye's first. We stayed silent to the wary end, and as they lost their nerve, an attack of the tenno squad sent to kill the pirates saved us. The pirates were forced away and we were freed. Then we were offered the choice to join them or go to the colony on the nearest moon at that time. Since we lost everything we both chose to join the order."

"So your sister is also a tenno?"

"Yes, she earned the Oracale tenno suit and joined a squad first, we both spent the next night carving a star symbol in the O marking in it. We both agreed that we'll be part of the same team in the future. It took me a month to grow a potential for Ember class armor, then I spent my nights carwing in a symbol that you see right now."

Excalibur turned to look at her, and noticed a small circle with a star in it.

"You chose an emblem similar to your sister?"

"Its there to remind me of the bond of the blood. So now its your turn."

"I was a member of a family living at the boarder of the war. We were always under the danger of the factions attacking us. The colony held strong, always hiding and sealing itself away. But one day, the ship that attacked wasn't of any nation we knew, my father recognized it and went to meet them. That’s when the Corps attacked our planet. They destroyed the field beneath them and we were all pulled back to hide from the war. Once it passed I went outside and the wreckage of the ship that had come to us was nowhere to see, they must have left when the attack began, and my father with them. The tenno arrived to our planet at the end of the war, they were searching for capable warriors. I was in charge of the guards at that time, it seemed as the perfect chance to get off world and find him. I left with them and soon gained the Excalibur potentials. Once the armor was in my hands I thought I could finally find him. But that’s when we all learn the truth. We were all frozen in the stasis capsules to recover from the nano suit infusion. For all I know, my father could be long dead. Yet I still hope to find out what became of him."

"The cruelty of the order has no bounds, when I finally was taken to the infusion chamber I saw my sisters armor being pulled away and stored in the stasis chamber filled room."

While they were drowning in memories, X noticed a shift in the weather, the storm was slowly calming down. The birds were soon being picked up on radar.

"Dam it!"

Ember quickly jumped from her seat and rushed to the door where a goon was left leaning.

"I'll hold them off, contact the others!"

As she ran out to face the flying creatures X began to search the frequencies for Volts communicator.

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Along they're rout back to the ship, Frost noticed that the storm was calming down. The blazing winds were turning to a calm drift. The path before them soon became much clearer.

"Volt, the storm..."

"I know, we need to hurry."

Suddenly Volts suit began to pick up a transmission. It was coming from they're escape pod, Excalibur was reaching out to them.

"Volt, the ships parameter has been breached!"


The whole group turned back to him, since they couldn't hear the transmission.

"What's wrong?"

"The ships under attack, we need to move faster."

The others nodded and rushed off ahead, Volt turned to the girl by his side and told her to hold on tight one more time. After a few minuets run they reached the ship, Volt handed the girl and the bags to Loki, telling him to take everything inside and come back to help. The swarm of birds were circling above. As they dove down in groups attacking the tenno. Ember, rushed at the infected flyers, sliding beneath one to get a clean shot at all its vitals, jumping over the nearest one she pulsed out a fire blast exploding the birds head, while still shooting at the flying swarm above them. Frost gathered a heavy dose of energy and projected it at the group currently on the ground freezing them solid. Witch was quickly utilized by Ash slicing them down in half one by one, Volt held back behind him shooting the sculptures into bits while keeping the diving hoard away. Once Loki returned he joined the fight phase shifting himself to the air to slice them down from above. Ash followed him to the sky's, clashing they're blades the pair made short work of the infected flock of Condors. Once they were finally falling to the land, the few remaining birds atacked them, as they fell down the two changed places with a pair of surviving ones on the ground and let them collide in the air, falling to the ground, where they were soon torched by Ember.

"That’s it for them... X are you done with the repairs?"

"I'm near completion, the steering is back online but the navigators still not connected."

While they were talking there was strong howling wind coming from the path leading to the colony.

"What the hell?!"

Volt screamed as the howl dethened them, when they turned to look there was a silver figure walking through the white snowy mist. The figure gripped its blade swiping it through the air, the wave from its strike flew through the air slicing all in its path. Ash Jumped to the sky to avoided the blow, Frost dropped to the ground allowing it to pass above him. While Volt generated a shield before the others to protect them from the blast.

"What is that thing?"

"It’s an Oracale..."

Ember answered with a trembling voice, the figure before her was distorted. A shell of a tenno, with only one arm and a damaged helm it had the markings of corruption around it. The infection had taken it from the inside the torso was over grown and mutational fungus had grown on its back. This had to be one of the infected tenno's.

"How is this possible? The suit has anti geno protection!"

"That’s because its an incomplete tenno."

Frost answered with a calm voice as he stood back up.


"It was dropped here before the attack, while still in the capsule it hadn't developed the full system parameters. The infected found it and broke through, the inactive suit couldn't protect the tenno from the geno infection."

"How do you know of this?"

Volt looked at they're new friend.

"Black Lotus gave me the orders to retrieve it after the crash, but once I arrived the planet was overtaken by the infection brood."


Ember whispered to herself while the others were preparing to face the new adversary.

"That doesn't matter we have to take it out now, before it destroys the ship!"

Loki screamed at them as he rushed in, preparing the blade to slice through the figures skull, it instinctively swung its arm knocking him away to the rocks nearby. Volt jumped forth with the others attempting to kill the creature. All the bullets he shot at it were quickly deflected by its blade. Ember trembled unable to hold her ground, she fell to her knees, the thought of this being her sister was too much to beare. The others had a hard time reaching it, Volts shocks had little effect and the freezing ability of Frost was of no use since it dodged it with great speed. The two swords wielders couldn't scratch its armor as it would kick they're hands away, or block with the blade.

"How can it pull off all of this, it’s a brainless fungus."

"The suit is simply following the program, the nerve system is simply using survival instincts."

Ember stayed behind them all watching, the memories of her sister were roaming and clashing in her head. The tenno before her was only a husk of a person that had been there before. Through pure luck Ash managed to gash out a chunky portion of the infected flesh on its torsso.

Excalibur slammed the dash closed as he reached the controls activating the systems. The ship was back to its operational state, the screen soon began to scan the habitat around them. It soon caught the sight of the tenno fighting in the field before him. The girl in the ship trembled in fear of the sight of the creature they were fighting. X began scanning the enemy and turned to the radio, he could have tuned to Volts frequency, but spun it off searching for Ember. As soon as he caught her transmitter he began to send her a footage of the enemy.

"Ember... Ember that’s not your sister!"

She finally awoke from the dream of her past, as her eye's opened she saw a picture played out in her helm. The gashed away flesh that Ash ripped off, revealed a part of O marking from the Oracale's helm. It had no markings of a star inside it, That sight calmed her down. As she pushed herself up from the snowy cold ground, Ember started shooting at the silver infected tenno. The bullets pierced the leg of the creature and ruined its block from Lokis blade. Ash and he soon jumped crossing they're blades to slice through the armor of the suit. As it cracked, Volt shot out a bolt paralyzing the infected and Frost began to freeze the flesh bleeding out. That’s when Ember let loss a fire blast shattering its helm. Frost and Volt opened fire upon the creatures brain, then the two sword wielders sliced it to three bits destroying the brain entirely.

When the infected monstrosity was dealt with. The group began moving back to the ship, when a blood chilling scream came from the corpse. The giant Condor landed behind them, roaring its lungs out, standing on its wings as well as its claws the creature loomed above them.

"Oh crappy, pappies home ..."

Loki spoke with a slight sarcasm in his voice.

"Turrets online, everyone out of the way!"

X yelled through the intercom, once they all jumped out of the path, the ship let loss a barrage of fire upon the bird, as it ate through the shells the guns soon shredded the infected bird and left it falling to the ground as piece minced meat. Once it was dealt with the group took back to the ship and quickly left the planet. The small girl that they found was staring out through the front window, she clearly never had been on board a ship. Frost pulled Volt away for a small talk.

"Don't you find it a bit shocking?"

"Black Lotus?"

"That too, but I mean the girl, I was on that planet for three weeks, and two of which I hadn't seen any person still alive out there, don’t you think that something’s wrong?"

"Perhaps your right..."

Volt turned to the girl which was overcome with joy.

"When we find a safe location we need to examine her."

"And Lotus?"

"We already knew about her, about a few day's back when we arrived here, we came through a warp. Lotus betrayed us and sent an assassin to get rid of us."

While the two were discussing in the back, Ember slightly turned to the side and whispered.

"Thanks, Excalibur..."

While they flew farther away from the frozen planet Loki searched the communication system for that transmission again. Once found he recorded it and called the others.

"Guy's take a look at this."

Playing back the message he played it through the tenno suit intercom so everyone could hear except for the girl.

"This is an emergency message to all Tenno's out there. We need help, we are currently trapped in a secluded Centurion colony, we need immediate evacuation from this zone."

The message featured coordinates of the second planet in their current vicinity. It was a half cycle away, they could reach it in a few hours.

"I guess we're not the only ones that were betrayed..."

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The shift drifted through the space, approaching the planet transmitting the call for help. The system was filled with asteroids, from time to time they would pass a few graveyards, Volt recognized they're markings from the war. The most of them were Graneer or Corps, but amongst their mitts were several others from the republic and imperium. Amongst them drifted a broken ship of the twelve clan union. It has long broken away and separated to many other planetary groupings avoiding each other. Since the incident many years during the war when one of the house's betrayed the rest and attacked the council. The imperium was destroyed by the joined forces of the Graneer and Corps, republic quickly crumbled escaping the war in a surrender, hiding and staying to its own boarders. Among the grave sites, there were a few scavenger ships, picking clean the dead titans that once ruled the void. Once the planet finally came to view, they all noticed a Tenno Order ship in orbit. It seemed lifeless and dead.

"What the heck happened?"

Loki began scanning the cruiser that was used to house tenno operations. The ship's engine was out of order, it was all dead.

"Hopefully whoever is on that planet can explain this."

Volt said as they closed in to the planets orbit, the ship was out of range for the orders assault, Loki quickly found that the vessel was inactive. There were no signs of attack or a battle, not a single ship had boarded it. Once confident they were safe they began to descend to the surface bellow. The planet was under constant bombardment of the solar ray's burning the planet’s surface. The ship they were in wasn’t built to handle such temperatures, landing them in the shadow of a cavern they hoped to avoid the flares for as long as possible.

"Where’s the signal coming from?"

"It seems that the transmission is sent from a location deeper in this valley, most likely there is a cave leading to the colony."

Ember explained the situation, Volt told the child to stay in the living quarters until they get back. After questioning the situation, the ship was safe for up to four hours. Ember volunteered to stay behind and shield the vessel from the flames as long as possible. Ash, Frost, and Excalibur were going with Volt to investigate the situation, Loki stayed behind to sift through the data and possibly make contact with the ship above.

"Alright then, tenno's lets move out."

Ash took way first to scout the cavern, X chose his blade to be the best weapon of choice leaving the two guns to the other two. The melted rocks held strong, markings of melted metal was covering the wall's. The group soon received a tapping message from Ash. He had found something. Near a cave a ship was melted by the solar storm, it was completely devastated, a mere shell, a lump of metal. The cave beside it bust have been the entrance to the colony. The reason for a colonization of this planet was unimaginable, it was unreasonable. Along the caves walls there were scorch markings of the flames from the outside, but the cave was clearly made and continued to the underground further. It was much cooler then the surface of the planet. When they finally found the gate, there were many heavy surface vehicles near it, the place was mined or used for mass production. The gate was strangely broken open from the inside. There were oil markings leading into the exit that was dried on the floor. Excalibur pushed the door open as they slowly moved in, the gate was thick and strong. It was a three phase entrance, the small door lead to a chamber closed from the other side. Ash sliced away the window that was used to observe the entering ones. After everyone climbed over it the path before them lead straight to the inside of the colony. Past the rooms used by the guards the colony was well protected from attacks. Once they reached the inside of the city, they found a massive oasis built to fit thousands of inhabitance, this seemed like a metropolis compared to the Frozen waist they had just been to. Barrels of water were placed in the streets where people could easily reach them. The city though was empty, the streets were clean of life.

"Spread out and find the targets."

Excalibur left with Ash, searching from above, they had rushed off to the living quarters. Volt took Frost along and they both descended to the floors beneath. The colony was built like a hive, with a few buildings bellow and big wide floors above, all built in circles to allow a clear view down bellow and distribution of lighting. The pair slowly jumped over the ledges descending to the floor bellow one by one, searching for any signs of life. Once they reached the third floor from the bottom, the light was much dimmer and additional lightings were built on the roof's. Volt noticed a strange noise from the gutter. There was a Corps walker there, he was walking into the wall, repeating a phrase.

"Don't... Don't shoot my legs...."

Volt lifted the blade above his hip and slammed it down, killing the small walker.

"That was strange..."

"Do they talk usually?"

"No, this is the first I've ever heard of it."

Volt explained, walkers were always silent but fast droids. Yet they were more machine then man after being processed from the living they are turned into these and lose all free will. Them being able of speech was unheard of. The two noticed that the floor was slightly tinted in red, as though something had happened.

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