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Graphics Bug - Black Dots On Some Transparent Surfaces - Update


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I accidentaly posted this in general bugs the last time, so I hope this is the right section for this problem


The title does say it pretty much - I walked into the infested lab today and I did see something pretty familiar I also posted weeks back in relation to kubrows.


I asked my wife to go into the lab, too and she also can see the black dots on the Lephantis leg, just to make sure there will be no answers like "It is an issue on your side."

She also made a video showing this issue:



So, can anybody else see this, this is also what happens to the Kubrow fur when watching it sitting in the ship, not as frequent as in the tank, but from time to time...



And last but not least, the oldest of these issues, lasting back almost one and a half years now, the Orokin Derelict waterfalls.



This bug does appear on various systems on both Nvidia and AMD GPUs ranging from GTX580, GTX590, GTX760, GTX780Ti, Titan Black SLI to AMD 5xxx, AMD 6950, AMD 7870. All these GPU's are either our own (4 of them) or the ones from friends


The dots will completely disappear once Depth of Field and Motion Blur are disabled in the settings and will immediately reappear when turned back on so this issue can be isolated and is linked with these two effects.


Please look into this thing since turning off the effects is no real solution.

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The issue also appeared on Snowglobes, but it was said to have been fixed a little while ago. I haven't tested it though.


The blur shader (which is enabled if either DoF or MB are on) also provides effects such as heat distortion. It also has negative effects, such as making the default background color (the color that the skybox is when no actual skybox is loaded) white instead of black. This makes holes in the map geometry very obvious.

What I am saying is that that shader has multiple serious issues.

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