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Better reward notifications


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The end of mission screen is pretty useful at times but the few seconds you have to look at it seem like just a bit too little.

What I would like, and what might be a bit nicer for most players would be a short summary that you can look at afterword. Not just the mission results, but also stats of what you did. From simple stuff like how many headshots, sliding shots, sword attacks and such, but some of the more important stuff like how much of any particular materials you collected and any high quality rewards you collected.

Currently, you can look at a very generalized overview that doesn't reveal things like artifact or recipe finds. As well as if you get disconnected from the group, you can't look at the info anymore.

Other features could be added, like selling loot from the summary, so you don't have to go through your inventory to sell off mods you won't keep, but that would be the next step after being able to see which things you got from the mission.

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