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Rerouting ship while rerouting ship causes mission to get stuck


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I was doing a "bring the datamass to the ships navigating system" mission, and when I was done I got one of those surprise extra missions.

The thing is that the suprise extra mission was the same as the original, "bring the datamass to the ships navigating system".

There was a new navigation system room that spawned on the other side of the ship, but there was no datamass. I crossed the ship 2 times looking for it.

One of the waypoints was pointng to one of the navigation rooms, and the other was pointing to the other, but in neither was there a datamass to pick up.

Had to abort mission,

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This happened to me too once, except I had a spy collect datamass mission after the reroute navigation - no datamasses spawned, and hilariously enough the spy mission had 0 datamasses required. Of course when I went to the extraction point, it said the usual "bring all datamasses to extraction" but there were none on the map, the only objective pointing to the extraction point, and I then looked all over the map for one, and even went to the place where I got the original datamass to reroute the ship - nothing anywhere.

I alt-f4'd so it wouldn't count as an abort lol.

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