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When will the other event mods be released like you have done in the spy2 missions?


Are there any plans to fix issues with users disconnecting and rejoining a squad without losing all the other rewards? For example a squad member dc at wave 17 on a defense mission, rejoined and his reward was a rotation A rather than the same rewards as us. 


When can we build multiples of items/keys etc in our foundry? Eg Queue 10 formas or ciphers? Rather than sitting their for stuff to finished only to click like a robot. I thought you didnt like idle players?


When are you going to get rid of the AFK system you implemented. We should be able to play how we want after all we are paying customers. Customer is always right as they say. And for anyone that says this is a free game then DE would not exist period. People are obviously buying something. 


When will the kubrows be able to be swapped and changed like a sentinal quickly and efficiently. With such advanced technology surely lotus is able to do so. 


Why cant our kubrows be like the carrier? Eg pick stuff up as they run around like a headless chicken ? Kubrows for me just look good but not very practical. 


Why do kubrows wrestle with an enemy at times and no one is able to damage them during this period instead of ripping their heads off?


Any chance you can look at NYX mind control ability. So many times I see them standing their or running off some where instead of engaging the enemy after being taken under control. Shouldn't they be a high priority target?


What are the chances a new market system will be in place? Going to your clan dojo then inviting is slow and tedious Will we ever be able to trade for other items in game? Eg plat and credits/ other weapons WF parts etc? Also, some weapons like the paris prime require 5 slots for a trade but we only have 4 slots. Trades are precious as it is and we definitely shouldnt have to waste another trade just for the same item. Why have restrictions on trades in first place? After Mastery rank 8, i believe you have access to all weapons. MR after that if I am not mistaken merely adds to your trade count per day. 


Bring back my gammacore how it used to be and many other weapons/WF that got nerfed. My gamma consumes more ammo than I've had hot dinners and that says alot. These so called OP guns dont do much damage when enemies are scaled higher. Why not introduce a t5 or t6 void type mission? 


When are the loot tables going to be less diluted? Getting formas on t4 defense is a real pain, especially if they are 4 in a row. Taking the Mick!!


What exactly are the plans for the void and what will we see in terms of gameplay/rewards? When will this be implemented?


Do you have any plans to have ground based and arch wing missions together? Although this might be going away from the genre first set out by DE. Why not have a space type game mission/mode where by clans/players can explore other galaxies and stars with their ships. And even make new ships. Build a massive death star comes to mind :D (yes a fan of star wars) 


When finishing a mission with a squad, cant the chat tab stay with the squad rather than defaulting to any private message tabs you have open?


What new major events do you have planned along with any rewards? Not new sigils or a new stance mod. 


When is Egate coming back the way it used to be ;-) 



I have other stuff to write but its getting long, my fingers hurt and I need a hot dinner so thats all for now


Many thanks if you read. 

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1.) Will the Exterminate missions be getting a rework? It is my favourite game type, but it is one of the least rewarding. Compared to Survival, Spy, Excavation or Defence there isn't much point in playing this game mode (or others Capture and Sabotage) from a reward point of view.

2.) Will the Lanka/Snipetron get a remodel? There have been a few remodelled weapons because they shared the same weapon model (Gram/Plasma sword, Ogris/Torid), but these two haven't.

3.) Has the Flawless Spies contest helped reveal the flaws in the stealth/alert mechanics? For instance if an enemy spots you moments before meeting their demise and manages to get off some sort of grunt before being forever silenced by a silent weapon, how can EVERY enemy in the room suddenly know EXACTLY where you are and sound an alarm without even seeing or hearing anything suspicious?

4.) On the topic of stealth, why is the stealth bonus for melee attacks removed on contact with an enemy? You can't avoid contact while trying to melee kill an enemy while invis unless you have massive range on your melee weapon.

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hy Rebeca i have 2 questions; first the fun stuf, is there an inspiration to make a space area around relays for tenno to greet in archwing mode? 


second the rage part, i am one of those players who love warframe, but ragequits quite a lot these last moths, because every time i login and start to play i get the load screen, it takes forever to start loading, and every single time i get the message disconected from hos u wil be returned to your ship, wat are the thaugts about those isuess cause they have bien there for a bit to long. and affect a lot of players not just me. 



greetings Wirdax

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1.) Will there be alternative ways to activate finisher attacks on enemies?

2.) Excalibur reworks are heavily requested. Do you have any plans to rework/buff him?

3.) When will we see more syndacate themed weapons, such as rifles or melee weapons for purchase in each syndacate?

4.) Will we ever see the possibility of augment specific slots on warframes?

5.) Will grineer armor scaling ever be changed? Look to this thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/427382-break-off-that-armor/

6.) When can we expect warframe passives?

7.) Have you ever considered going back and giving certain weapons more channeling damage/efficiency?

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Some pvp stuff:


1.) Did the pvp team consider the potential consequences of allowing squads to stay on the same team in pvp matchmaking?  Are there any future plans (such as only matching premade teams vs premade teams) to prevent premade teams from skewing match balance?


2.)  Private matches, when?  When they are implemented, would you consider allowing match modifiers?  Options for rounds, teams switching sides on rounds (not really necessary with current maps, but future game modes and maps may require it), being able to set score and time limits would be nice for example.


3.)  Host advantage is a problem always going to loom heavily over any prospective competitive league/scene.  An option in a private match to allow someone to act as a non player host (do not know how viable this is from a technical point of view) would take this out of the equation and allow tournaments/leagues/commmunity pugs/etc. etc. to provide a host in an appropriate region with good hardware.


4.)  When the hek is bo prime getting nerfed?  Specifically, its insane speed (and thus massive copter range),dps, and instakill flailing branch combo.

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Are we going to see Secondary/ melee crit mods be improved? 120% Chance / 60% Damage for pistols and especially 90% damage / 60% chance make building either to feel overall a detriment to DPS and usability

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You might say I'm focused on Focus. What can you tell us about it? In past livestreams you've said you've been plundering focus for things like arcane enhancements and syndicate augments, so have you guys thought of anything to give us so that all that XP that earned with level 30 frames and guns isn't completely wasted?

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Will Snipers and Shotgun get buffs anytime soon™? And will Snipers get some sniper only mods?

Cmon we all have to agree that sniper are really bad and shotguns are just right behind snipers!

Thank you DE for trying and improve the game! <3

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Could we do something about the Forma in T4 voids? I understand the Forma was meant to be a highly desirable item, and it is when you need it, but I doubt anyone's overjoyed when they see Forma Blueprint appear as their Rotation C reward, or on their last T4 key as they desperately try to obtain their desired Prime equipment.


In the previous Devstream, you mentioned a Nightmare version of The Law of Retribution. Do you have an ETA on this addition, or perhaps you could enlighten us as to what the rewards could be?


On the topic of The Law of Retribution, are there any other Trial missions currently in development, or is the current Trial a way to test the waters right now?




You might say I'm focused on Focus. What can you tell us about it? In past livestreams you've said you've been plundering focus for things like arcane enhancements and syndicate augments, so have you guys thought of anything to give us so that all that XP that earned with level 30 frames and guns isn't completely wasted?


Also this. Would love to see something become of overflow EXP, even if it isn't the Focus system we were teased with before.

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Dear dang diddly DE developers.


Like a lot of people, I'm really hyped about the new upcoming Sentient faction,

and I was wondering if you could talk about to what the extent the faction will be in.


How many Sentient enemy types can we expect?

Will there be Sentient tilesets, bosses, or weapons?

How much content will there be on release?

Will we be introduced to the Sentients in an event?


And most importantly, will we get the Dual Dex Soma Prime Wraith Vandal?


As always, stay beautiful,

and enjoy the Hektato




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Can we get a Joining Mission 15 sec imunity or untill we move? 

my pc is slower then my friends ones so when we run t4 i join and i still havent actually loaded in fully and cant move while a corrupted moa kills me >.>

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