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Tactical Alert: Mission Objective Change


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I was doing the tactical alert, Blackout (second time around) when Lotus comes on and changes the objective to "Kill all enemies." Now, at this point, my squad was already starting to handle the hordes of Manics coming our way, so the mission change confused us greatly.

Enemy counter went from x/75 to x/40, but soon reverted back to x/75. No problem, we keep killing.

The problem arose when the Manics stopped spawning after around 47 of them are gone. We ran around some more to try and get them to spawn, nothing. Tried extracting: "Tenno, there's a large squadron of Grineer Marines."


Had to abort and re-do the mission. Not a big setback, but a bug nonetheless.

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another new variant. was at 73/75 last ones DO attack but DOES NOT even appear on radar.... not sure if this is intentional.


EDIT: just to clarify, these are TOTALLY invisible even when attacking.

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Had no mission objective change midkilling but our last enemy didn't want to appear either when I helped some guys do the 3rd one (actually I had completed 3rd mission on first try when I did it in public). Actually it seemed (according to our Sonar) that the enemy was on the map, teleporting around.


Again, I see a bigger issue in this bug (ext not being finishable because last X enemy is not there) being incredibly old. Why not fixed yet, hmm? It's pretty damn old and well known.

Also the manics being invincible is already a Stupid idea to begin with (all invincibility is), but them being even so dmg-ing that they 1 hit practically anyone except maybe Valkyr... that's just ridiculous. Sry DE, stop with your seriously off ideas of "challenge" and stop lying to yourselves - our response is not as "positive" (as you tend to say for some reason).

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