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I've written a post already which states problems with contacts seeing eachother as "online" when both are online. It is also confirmed that we were not the only ones.

Here is the links to my post, and Merabunta5's post:



Another issue me and a friend were having problems with earlier today, was the fact that we were having trouble joining one another's session. Now I'm not entirely sure how the game detects when a player is in a session. I know from experience that you have to be "in" or have selected a planet and are viewing the available locations to vote for. However, it seems that this only works 50% of the time. About 70% of the time we are having problems, my friend can not join my session, but I may be able to join his and viseversa. The other 30% is that neither of us can join each-other's sessions because it will say that said person is either not in a session, or that it failed to join their session.

I really do hope this is fixed in an update soon. It's usually this that discourages us from continous playing and call it a night.

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