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Volt Prime Helmet Missing From Inventory List


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I bought the Volt Prime Access and my Volt Prime Helmet item doesn't seem to be registering anywhere other than on the Volt Prime itself. I cannot find a Volt Prime Helmet anywhere on the Arcane augmenting selection or in the inventory menu. I don't know if crafted Volt Primes have this same iussue or even if anyone else who bought the Prime Access is having this issue. I have tried looking through my inventory and Arcane augmenting selection while wearing a different helmet, while using a different frame, and leaving Volt Prime with a different helmet while on a different frame in case anyone thinks it might be because it is equipped. Went on Nyx Prime with her prime helmet on to see if her prime helm was a visible option in the Arcane augment selection and inventory and her's was there for her while Volt's remained missing.


Some pics to show that I do indeed have Volt Prime, and showing the lack of his helmet in the menus.







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