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Your Rng God Prayers Here.

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I need a OROKIN CATALYST for my still in building boltor

PLEASE have a alert for the blueprint PLEASE


I have been missing alot of it alert


ps, first time posting



edit: still waiting 


ededit: Going out soon and still no alert for it WHY!!!!!!


edededit: Going out in 25 min 


ededededit: Well i m going out now and  i will be missing the alert  :(

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I thank oh Rng Lord, our Savior for blessing my long search for my frost chassis blueprint. Long have I sought it. But you have heard me and given onto me thy holy chassis. And so soon after I have found and began building all of my ember. Not only have you blessed me with frost you have given 3 warframes in between that I did not search long for. The Rng provides my Tenno, he provides

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Dear RNG, I'm only asking for the Banshee Helmet ATM so that my friend could finally build his Banshee. I would probably ask for the Flow mod myself, but then I wouldn't have anything to search for so it's okay to keep it away from me.

All I want are Banshee Systems, I'm tired of getting Chassis and Helmets.

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Dear God ^^ 'RNG" i am here on my knees to ask you once again enlighten me with your wisdom, your strength and your knowledge. Please alloy plates is all I ask, More drops on control modules and morphics and perhaps! the explosion mod on the paris and Barrel diffusion :O


All this i ask in the name of all my brothers and sisters tenno, and Mother Lotus. Amen.

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Dear RNG God, you have blessed me with the bounty of the holy trinity of multishot and the plenty of my 8 mighty warframes so here is your humble servant praying not for himself, but for those in his charge who have strayed from the path of the farm for their days days have grown cold woth the absence of shiny goodness and loots.


So I offer my prayer to you the mighty distributor of wealth and power to bless my friend BrokenWolf with the bounty of the frames that he so desires and has yet to obtain and for my girlfriend Jenvas1306 with the flow mod that she so desperately needs to unlock the full potential of her mighty frames.


Yours truly, your faithful grinding servant Ageless.


P.S. A thunderbolt would be lovely for me as well.



Can someone sticky this, it feels like a great community tradition in the making.

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I need AN OROKIN CATALY  for my boltor

PLEASE have a alert for it BLUEPRINT


i have miss two login reward for the chance of getting the OROKIN CATALY due to my local Disk (D:) been corrupted and i can't play for two days


now i have a new Harddisk, please have a alert for it

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Thank you RNG God, for in the past 3 days I've not only been able to farm the fields of Exta to gain the mighty Frost Warframe, but also your kindness of providing a Vauban component for me during my morning harvest run.

To my surprise you've also given me this wonderful gift:


With yee mighty Darksword the enemy of the Lotus shall cower in fear when I yield it into battle.

Pray to the RNG God... Keep up the good fight tenno! The RNG God rewards good farmers with all that is needed for good game!

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Dear RNG God,

Thank you muchly for that Thunderbolt mod from the random Dragon pack I bought on the market. It was very nice. I don't use the Paris at all, but now I can blow things up if I do, as You intended.

That said, I would very, very much like Split Chamber sometime. I've been a good boy, helping all my friends grind out their choice warframes and helping them level up, and then getting most of the frames to rank 30 with potatoes, and several different weapons to rank 30 as well. I even reset, so I can spend my platinum more wisely, and to be in Your good graces more often as I farm my own warframes; yet, I have not once, not a single solitary moment in time, ever laid mine eyes upon Thy most succulent fruits of multishot on my Gorgon.

RNG God pls.



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RNG God be with me as I have reset, and returned in 3 hours. I am your greatest son and follower, and I ask that you bless this new life with multitudes of credits, mods, and materials, so that I may cleanse the Universe of infested and of sinful oppressors in thy name. Amen.

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