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Your Rng God Prayers Here.

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Dear RNG god,

Cryo rounds, and split chamber. for f**** sake please.

So it's not just me! I was wondering if their was something wrong with my drops since I have never seen a Cryo round or split chamber drop.


But at least the RNG god answered me for once and gave me Forma for my log in bonus.

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Thank you RNG God for your blessings. In my 5th encounter within the void you have blessed me with the blueprints of the mighty Frost Prime Warframe. I am truly grateful that you continue to bless me with all the tools of destruction I need to fight the enemy.


I only ask that you continue to bless the RNG faithful in their quests and be compassionate to the RNG faithless.

Pray to the RNG God... Keep up the good fight fellow Tenno. The RNG God provides to good Warfarmers all that is needed for good game.

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Beloved RNG god(ess),


I thank thee for thy generous offerings. I have been blessed with the Gorgon BP, Glaive BP, Thunderbolt, Continuity, Sundering Strike, Enemy Radar, and Flow. I remember each of your blessed gifts you have bestowed upon me.

I pray that I will be blessed with a Streamline and Split Chamber when I start the later missions. I profess I have little to my name to offer. I offer my lowly soul to the farming.



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I am the lid of my container.


Resource is my body and spheres are my blood.


I have created over a thousand weapons.


Unknown to RNG.


Nor known to void keys.


Have withstood defense to create many hallways.


Yet, those hands will never hold forma.


So as I pray, unlimited farm works.


.......Oh wait.

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Oh mighty RNG gods, I pray to thee in hope that you will be merciful upon a poor man such as myself. I only ask of you but one measly Reaper Blade, in return for the numerous Stalker drops you have deemed me unworthy of. One measly Reaper Blade, in reconciliation for the countless hours spent farming literally everything. One measly Reaper Blade, to make up for all the dissapointment you have brought upon me.



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Dear RNG God,


Why are you so ficcle? You bless me with (no kidding) 5 Hells Chambers, and not a single Split Chamber.

I have 6 Thunderbolts, 5 Handsprings, and 1 Retrebution, none through purchace mind you, but no Flow.

I pray that you give my blessings to others, I only need one of each. Bless others with the stuff you keep bestowing on me.

And pretty please give me nice things I dont already have! (Power Siphon, Focus, Master Thief)


Your Slave,


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Dear RNG ,


I have been a faithful follower of you. I have been a good boy and i have been farming for soo long. Thou shalt h're my prayer and thou shalt giv' me alert which has high chance of thunderbolt mod drop.


I hope thou shalt he'r my prayer ......


sincrly FARMER

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