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Hotfix 16.3.3 +


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AMD Driver Issues:


If you are an AMD user who has experienced crashing, please note we have taken steps to ensure the game will run if we detect a driver version that is known to cause crashes. More information can be found here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/433642-crashes-on-amd-catalyst-1412-omega-update/?p=4901825


New Augment Mods


Vauban - Perpetual Vortex: Vortex's duration is increased by % for each additional Vortex thrown into the initial Vortex.

Zephyr - Funnel Clouds: Tornado generates an additional X tornadoes, but tornadoes have reduced size and do not pull enemies.
Excalibur - Radial Finish: Blinded enemies are vulnerable to finishers, taking increased finisher damage.


(Note: In reference to discussed Future changes to Excalibur in Devstream 50, we may adjust of some of his Augment Mods in the future)




  • Corpus Crewmen Enemies will sit through their death animations for longer, rather than cutting straight to ragdoll / fade away. This refers to this particular question: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/437046-coming-soon-devstream-50/?p=4843421
  • Made various network changes to help reduce latency in users that see high ping spikes.
  • Updated the Gemini Nikana Sheathe bundle to require Mastery Rank 4 to help prevent players from purchasing the item without owning a Nikana.
  • Inviting someone to a Squad that fails to join will now give a more specific message instead of ‘player has declined your invitation’.  




  • Fixed issue in Conclave where a Host’s group was not being cleared if players left his Squad in the lobby.
  • Fixed issues with lighting and colour effects on certain Venus maps that could result in a very flat and desaturated look (as per screenshot).
    • 0nogymL.jpg

  • Fixed a crash that would occur in the Relays as players joined and left.
  • Fixed various gameplay crashes.


RE: Devstream 50 'Cloth Syandana:'

I just verified with the team that there were too many pieces in need of ironing out (figuratively) for it to be ready for today as it's using a lot of new technology involved.  


But: managed to snag a still image of what you can expect!






Fixed an unreleased cosmetic appearing in the market.

Fixed MK1 Braton not being able to use skins.

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Omggggggggg I've got my old excal back with this augment. Tyyyyy DE!!! 800k crits!!!!!!

EditEdit: still no fix for new limbo or mirage icons in forums? Signing out doesn't work.

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