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Hotfix 16.3.5


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AMD Fixes


With the generous assistance of several engineers from AMD we have implemented a possible workaround for a nasty crash that could occur when running multi-threaded DirectX 10 or 11 on the latest Catalyst 14.12 drivers. We are optimistic that this workaround will not only avoid the crash but may also eliminate other related problems like black-textures and other cases of memory-corruption.


More details on the crash can be found here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/433642-crashes-on-amd-catalyst-1412-omega-update/


At this time we would encourage all players using AMD graphics cards to update to the latest Catalyst Omega 14.12 drivers and re-enable DirectX 11 in the launcher settings. We will be analyzing crashes reported over the weekend to confirm that this problem is indeed fixed and so as always we would appreciate it if you could submit all crashes to us:




Conclave Changes


  • Increased the damage of Sicarus weapons in PvP.




  • Fixed secondary weapons floating away from Chroma (for real this time).
  • Fixed kills from Chroma’s Effigy, Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead and the Itzal Archwing’s Fighter Escort not counting towards player stats.
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Volt Prime's helmet can still not be Arcaned.


Chroma's default helmet cannot be Arcaned for those who crafted him. If bought, Chroma's default helmet can have Arcane Enhancements though.




- Small update - 

Just had this fixed by Support with the message "I have added the Helmets in question to your inventory for you to Arcane."

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still no fix for ogris accuracy with heavy caliber (at max rank, heavy caliber drops the ogris' accuracy from 100 to 1.7, compared to the 25.2 of most other 100 accuracy weapons.)


Hm, same problem with penta and torid.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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