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Hey everyone! Great game definitely so far, and this is very early in beta - It's definitely going to be good once it's complete. Here are some bugs I found while playing Warframe, before the latest patch, apologies if these are repeats or have been fixed and aren't documented:

All bugs were seen starting each mission with the host, there were no hot-joins midgame.

I also realise that the melee weapon glitch technically belongs in the animation bug forum, I feel it's not doing harm being in this compilation though.

1. Level styles are rarely not properly synced for players who aren't the host in games.

I've noticed this a few times, sometimes infested levels look like a normal level, sometimes cold levels look normal even though the host sees it as cold (once I saw a level that was cold to everyone else, but was full of fire for me, the fire did no damage and was aesthetic). Sometimes my network connection drops packets after being used for a while, so that might be a cause for it.

2. In situations of very high packet loss, it's possible to get initiate the hack minigame but not get a hack panel.

My internet connection was crapping out on me, I could still play, but the other players were warping and so on. I attempted to hack a lockdown panel, and my player character entered into the hacking animation, but I apparently missed the "begin hacking minigame" packet, because the hackpanel never appeared, so it wasn't possible to complete. This happened a while ago and I didn't post it here, I can't remember if I tried pressing escape or not to cancel it, but at the time I thought I was stuck and unable to continue the mission.

3. ( I think this has been reported already ) When using the melee weapon of choice, sometimes it gets stuck in character's hand until the melee weapon is used again.

It's possible to fire the rifle, but the character is still holding the melee weapon visually. Some players see this bug while the affected player does not, so it seems to be an issue with the animations, it doesn't impair game functionality.

4. Climbing up a box caused my character to fall through the floor and out the world.

I haven't been able to repeat this, it was a large box like in the storage rooms, my character was climbing up it, I was pressing crouch, I believe, and then he fell through the floor. Additionally, he didn't die from the fall, he just kept accelerating downwards until the host ended the mission, at which point he then died instantly.

5. Climbing up the edge of a large storage box that had another box stacked ontop of it caused the character to climb inside the big box on top.

This happened in the big "defend" room that has the Warframe Cryopod in it. There was a thin, exposed edge of a two-stacked box, climbing up the slightly exposed side of the lower box resulted into climbing inside the second box.

6. ( Reported in a previous forum post ) Clients are not able to hear security camera sounds, whereas the host can.

It seems that clients in multiplayer games can't hear the sounds made by security cameras, just the clicking sounds when they detect something. Becoming the host for whatever reason allows a player to hear the cameras again.

7. It's possible to get stuck behind the datamass retrieval consoles in the small storage rooms.

Either jumping into the corners behind the console or getting blasted behind it by a radial effect gets the player stuck in the corner and unable to move.

8. Getting knocked down while using an Excalibur power that creates trails behind the character can cause the trails to stay on for the rest of the mission.

I've seen this bug a few times, I can't get on Warframe right now to verify the cause, but I believe that getting knocked down while performing the blade dash or super jump causes the trail effect to stay on constantly, and won't turn off by using the powers again. This seems only for the affected player.

9. Rarely, when successfully finishing a mission and after seeing the Tenno ship departure sequence, instead of the game returning to the galactic map, the screen turns black and sometimes sounds of fighting can be heard.

The mission didn't appear to actually end and the NPCs are attacking the players or each other, the game is stuck in this state and has to be restarted. The one time I encountered this, both the host and the clients had the issue. The host terminating the game caused the players to be returned to the galactic map screen, so the game wasn't stuck, it's as if the message to return to the map was missed.

Sorry if anyone has better information on the bugs than I, I haven't managed to reliably reproduce these, and they are all very trivial (except from the getting stuck and falling out the world bugs). For a beta this game is remarkably stable and very enjoyable, keep up the great work devs!

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