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Defence mission: Enemies getting stuck


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I wasn't sure what forum to post this in, but since it's the enemies doing this I'll post it here.

During a defence mission, a Grineer soldier managed to get stuck inside the large, stacked storage boxes on the upper level in a corner, where no weapons could reach him. He couldn't move or attack either, so we may not have been able to complete the mission. We managed to get him unstuck with a radial attack, fortunately. I have no idea how he managed to get in there, but it seems possible somehow.

On another defence mission against Infested, the remaining infested got stuck somewhere where we couldn't find it. We searched for 10 minutes, it wasn't a crawler, there were no sounds either. The only explanation I have is it either got stuck inside something or was stuck in it's spawn room. I didn't check in the pits in the room, that's another note - do NPCs die if they fall down there?

I haven't been able to reproduce these bugs, they only happened once - in a game so heavily AI orientated, it's great they don't happen more, credit to the developers!

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On some infested defence missions, I've noticed that sometimes enemies get caught in the spawn room door. Sometimes the model might just barely be clipping through. The door doesn't think the enemy to be behind it, so it remains shut and traps it. I've somehow managed to hit them with melee when this happens, if I ever actually find them.

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