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A Little Bit Of Everything

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This is something I want it to write for a while, but between my tendencies to digress, and the release of Blackrock Mountain and grinding 700 gold per week I've been kind of busy (among other things), I never liked how the finish post/s were.

Anyway I was rewatching some of the devstream and suddlenty hit me "the year of quality". 

Let's start with the good, shall we? 
Excavations, sorry the pun but I really dig this kind of missions, 2 weeks ago I would say 'I dont know why', but now, I think is a mix between have to be actively moving and that the failure state allows you to keep playing the mission. When the counterpart, survivals, well the failure is run to the exit or die trying, and here is when some of the bad come in place, after farming survival 3 for... well weeks, you go in with a specific squad to the sewers and can be there for hours; a Nekros is a must, a Triny sometimes, then you can do mix like Loki+Vauban, all aboard the vortex, Speed Nova+Vauban, Speed Nova+Mesa, or even an Oberon, there are good and bad things with any combo, like sometimes taking over 5 minutes and a couple of deaths to reach extraction after being kicked to death by fusion moas, but the point is that after the first couple of rotation you can bind the skills to the mouse wheel and just go up and down while watching a movie or series, or whatever (I manage to watch 7 season of South Park, the last one of Farscape, and all Yu-gi-oh abridge series 3 times). No mention that rotations give you pack of fusion cores and orokin cells, if it was a sur 1 I will be more than fine with it, but a 3? oh man the anger, the rage...

This take me to another good, in my opinion, the comeback to infested, dark sectors were ok (still are), but now and then you can't play, the clan/ally are fighting or pretending to, for one or another, the taxes sometimes are.... are just discouraging, even when there are noting like Io it's still a good thing as i said in my opinion, but once again this take me to a bad, the resources drops, research are just not need it afar from the first couple of planets for started players, perhaps, may be, isn't time to throw them into the dark sectors, or somewhere else ? not remove, of course not, big clans also need them for researchs, this all is directed to samples, because with invasion and outbreaks almost anyone can get their fare share of Detonite Injectors, Fieldron, and Mutagen Mass.

This bring me to a related idea, so normal drops are orange, and research samples are blue, wouldn't be useful, helpful, neat if there were more colors, not 1 for every resources (may be), but doing it simple, the 3 res drop in every planet be separated like mods or cores; common, uncommon and rare, and give them each a distinctive color, I mean with carrier most of the times I have no idea what or where I picked 'that', but with more kubrows around, and once again newer players every day this may be really good to save time when you think "what is that over there?", and "do I really need it?". I don't know what is going to happend with the void so I leave this here, no point in talking about  control modules and why i have more of the than nano spores. I chose not to repeat all about Argon Crystals again.

And with all of this I have to ask, how hard could it be to put all the missions perpendicular to the planet instead this spiral way where we need to 'rotate' the missions to reach the one behind the planet?, this way all missions are available instantly, some may say is just a spin, it takes like 1 second, and even more, but thats not the point, is to be comfortable, I can't avoid to think if this was in a big TV I may even ask for it, but is in my pc's screen, within arms reach.

A good, a big one the search options with the mod collection, thank you so much for that, is a good start, I mean it has to be in the trade kiosk, it need to be there, sorting to almost all the mods even when is for archwing (gun or melee, the label with less mods than anything else) it can became a nightmare (oh that too a label for nightmare and corrupted mods would be nice, we have one for augments isn't ?). And it would be a lot better if we could write with '?' and '*' and '" "', Ex. "elemental damge" + * status, but that can wait.



Now I have to ask, Akjagara, why?!! how, WHO??? let this pass? I don't even try it but, it has a secondary fire when it slice and dice ? or when it run out of ammo start hitting like some kind of dual melee weapon ? I don't want to by any means to think that this was realease becase of the need of money, god no, but why, a lot of started players can even get it if they don't have more weapons slots, they may delete some weapons but this Akjagara isn't worth it, the redeemer was a new flavor, and kind of goofy, even fun, I remember doing a joke in the video of... Panthera I think, about next weapon asking for Akbolto... oh if only, I've even had all components for seer before I sold them just because.

[you have no idea how many times I write and delete most of this, but thats it, it looks good, now to see if it get the job done] 

And while buffing some of the new and old weapons, why still nerfing Synoid Gammacor?, congratulations you created one of the best secondary if not the best in 2 years of life it's amazing, now still is, but I have to run with an ammo mutation mod instead of... anything else, I'm ok with balance, but not under balance, let's face it side by side with Rakta Ballistica if they both have the same "bonus effect" I would still pick SG (its my choise and I'm sticking to it) it has an default elemental damage, the next weapon in damage is Dual Cestras if I'm not wrong and 2 more damage and has no elemental damage, any of the other syndicate weapons has so why over nerf the one that has, magnetic may be great 1 of the 3, really 4 of the factions but that leave 75% of the rest of the enemies scratching the tickles, if not remove the default elemental damage and give it some massive slash like Flux Rifle, yeah I purposely don't talk about Glaxion, Synapse, or Quanta, but now that we are here, why have the great option (for real is great) of 'secundary fire' and 'Aim' be able to be bind in diferent keys when no matter what i can't Aim my quanta? (or any other weapon with secondary fire for that matter). 


I was going to talk about Forma BPs but that has being touch so much that I lose all hope already.

I was going to add screen shots, some nice paints and old screens but I feel like I delayed this for far too long. There are much more to add but I think this is enough for now, agree or not with me, I would really like to know what you think in this and other related matters.

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A little ranty, but I definitely agree that survival is boring and excavation is way better.  Made a topic about that a few weeks ago on the missions subforum.


Search bar in the trading menu would be a nice QoL improvement.


I don't feel strongly one way or another on the other stuff.

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