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How To Miss 3 Catalysts In 6 Hours (Edited Feedback)


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1) RNG Alert Mission rewards, plus ...

2) short time windows of acquisition time, plus ...

3) schedule of ordinary gamer (students and people with jobs)



tons of disappointment!



Whoever was online 2 hours AND 8 hours ago, Im jelly. Cuz you lucked out big time and got 3 Catalysts.




I remember me once saying something like "please increase the likelihood of good rewards in the alert system DE". Now I have to change my mind...




EDITED FEEDBACK (a few hours later):
A thread is not constructive if its a QQ thread. So lets turn this into feedback!


The Problem:
I hope the following will help everyone to understand what exactely is going on with these QQ threads:

Missing chances of getting free stuff is always a little disappointing. Not too disappointing though. Just in a way a game that is fun can make someone feel dissapointed :)

The thing so many players are complaining about is: why does it have to be this way?

The current implementation of the reward system promotes these kinds of feelings. No other free to play game I know of distributes game content to players that are otherwise only available through real currency like this. No good ones I would say. (Warframe is still good though!)

Why are we struggeling so much with exclusive content?
I see why exclusive content needs to be rare. At least it should be which is not the case tbh because we got 3 Catalysts today. But the way the game "fakes" rarity only promotes feelings and emotioins that should not be a part of a game outside of storytelling.

The alert reward system needs a general overhowl in order to stop making player feel bad about missing a chance, I do not want to spend the rest of my warframe life cheking my alert app or twitter every 15-30 minutes so I can keep up with everyone else or lets say, in order to have the best warframe experience possible. Who actually enjoys this obsession? People are waking up at 3am in order to get these rare items!!! Thats how attached people can get to a game they like.



Longs story short:

1) Exclusive content has to be rare but it should not promote disappointment or other negative feelings when missing the tiny chance to get them.

2) Progression takes a lot more time without platin. Thats something we are not trying to change here.

3) We are looking for an improvement or an replacement in the way we unlock exclusive / rare content. A replacement that gives a player a chance to progress linear to the time he invests. Not a progression by chance that depends on what times a player is able to play the game.



1) Increasing the chances for rare alert rewards is NOT helping unfortunately.
2) Increasing the time window ? Alert Missions are playable is only helping a little. It does not terminate the problem completely.

3) A random reward at the end of an ? Alert Mission is decreasing the negative feelings but its not terminating the problem completely.
4) Introducing another currency that you gain when playing ? Alert Missions (maybe replacing the rewards or giving the player a chance to chose betweem the actual reward or a set amount of the currency). You can then go to the marktplace and get your reward if desire. Terminates the problem to 90% but eliminates a big part of game progression (you only unlock the things you want and do not try out stuff by chance).

5) Replacing the Alert Mission reward system completely and focusing on a more traditionel way of unlocking exclusive content like:

   - special rare occurences of cargos on every or only certain maps that contain special rewards. (my favorite! Promotes exploring and possible favoring skilled players that are talented at climbing. As well as demoting the rush strategy that is currently controversial and not fun tbh. as it cuts out a general part of the gameplay)

   - boss drops with low drop rates (im not a big fan of low drop rates because it promotes repetition which is boring but I am quite satisfied with the way we unlock warframes with BP's)

   -  its time to get creative community!



6) I wanted to point out another great suggestion that could be the final solution for our problem:

Its a reply to this post https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/44546-how-to-miss-3-catalysts-in-6-hours-edited-feedback/page-3#entry444513

I read your post and I really like this idea. Thats something I really want to see get implemented, +1


Though, it does only fix the problem of the Alert Reward system in case of Potatoes, not rewarded BP's. BP's are exclusive / rare content as well and they posess the some problem that Potatoes have.


But then again, we could actually do the same with BP's.

To do that we do 2 things.

1) We move the exclusive BP's into the store so you can buy them with regular credits

2) We add another ressource to the BP manufacturing mequirements. That ressource is exclusively available as a reward on Alert Missions but instead, at a more frequent rate.


This means:

Instead of Potatoes and BP's as a Alert reward we get the ressources to build them / to use them partially.

These ressources are rewarded more frequently.

The result would be: less disappointment. Because if there are more chances to get the rewards, more players will be progressing at a linear rate instead of by chance and no one will be upset because they missed a 1/1000 chance due to their time schedules because he will have another chance soon,



This could be an actual solution :)


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I was online both of the time, and some times luck runs out....

I couldnt get the last catalyst cause the server kicked me out and couldnt log in for 25mins (and lost the damn BP )

They should increase the total time for a orokin alerts !

Instead of 30mins, it should be 1hr - 1:30 hrs !




there goes the QQ threads about the alerts....


Just because you got master package and lot of plat, doesnt mean everybody else got it ... Remember that !

For F2P players, missing a catalyst is really a BIG DEAL !


(i still got 3k btw)

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monday - missed it, was working

today 9 hours ago - was sleeping

today 2 hours ago - was washing a car

today 2 hours ago - still washing car


missed 4 catalysts. I think karma is repaying me for something, i just don't know what...but its ok.

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<p>This is why I hate RNG... For me (living in GMT+1, due summer timething, +2, central Europe) the first was up when I was on the way to work, the other two were up when I was on they way from work...<br />
And "if my calculations are correct", US people had a hard time getting them... Not so hard for the first one for people on the West coast, but the rest, yeah...<br />
<br />
Do a lot of people play Warframe in Asia and Australia? So atleast they could've benefit from these random alert pop times...<br />

Edit: dafuq? Why is my message filled with html codes? o_O

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Helmet blueprints? Yeah ok, I missed Loki a few days ago which was bad luck but S#&amp;&#036; happens. Doesn't make or break anything.


Weapon blueprints? Nothing I really want so I'm not fussed when I get em.


Catalyst/Reactors? Really? Something that doubles the mod capacity on your gear and is the difference between being completely gimped for 20-25 levels or not? Missed 3 of them in the space of 1 working day? Each 1 with a 30 minute timer?


I'll pay for platinum to buy more Weapon/Frame slots. I'm not buying more to also buy the reactors/catalysts and unfortunately for you, I'm not buying the slots till I get them.

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To be fair, you don't need potatoes.  You can solo Pluto just fine with an unpotato'd frame and gun (hint: Nyx is your friend, so is Strun).  I don't really mind missing them, I'm just lamenting my luck.

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The game is full of RNG, I dont see a problem. If you are working while the alert is up, then you have money for 75 plat or 3 potatoes. Minimum wage is 7.25, so one hour of working will get you 3 potatoes; and you will be supporting the game you like playing. Just my 2 cents. I fallow 2 twitters just in case.


I have been playing for many hours and I still dont have the continuity mod, but i dont come on the forums and complain about rng in a rng game. In diablo, torchlight, path of exile, and many other loot/dungeon crawler games alot of things are rng. I think rng puts some fun and excitement into the game.

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there goes the QQ threads about the alerts....

Those threats are of upmost importance!


Its a beta after all. And if there is an aspect that makes people QQ. Someone should think about how to fix the reason for the QQ.

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2/3 for me.

If the android app wasn't broken atm, I would have probably woken up and got the 1st one too.

Can't really complain though :)

Which app are you using? I prefer the app I made over DE's war frame nexus app.

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ns1fz2rosxgq6g7/WarframeAlert.apk

Discussion forum: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/12982-update-twitter-warframe-alerts-app-by-kingtaro/

Yes, my app is the advanced version of KingTaro's app.

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