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Knights Of Mirrah.


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Knights of Mirrah are recruiting more members now who like helping others, originally Knights of Mirrah was suppose to be a Social Clan but recently more members have wanted to particpate in Solar Rails. But since currently the amount who want us to particpate is low i'm here seeking out new recruits who would be interested in joining for Solar Rails our just to join! 


The Clan is about one and a half months old.


Today with U16 our emblem will be uploaded.


They're aren't really any requirments other than to help out other members when you can.


Currently we have 60+ Members and all reasarch but the Itzal and Bio lab is finshed.



The name Knights of Mirrah comes from Dark Souls II. Mirrah was a country filled with a proud Order of Knights in the Lore being that one of my favorite characters was Aslatiel I just took it upon myself to make a clan as such.


If any questions are needed to be anwsered shoot me a message or post here.








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