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Update 16.4


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Thanks for the hard work as always! 

but... I've mixed feelings about this update... the weapon is cool, it's cooking on my foundry now, I'll try PVP new stuff soon, but that event... that event just scared me, it's really hard to get through it without a bug that ruins the rewards, I've done it twice, first time no problem, got 300k credits and 97 points, second time got nothing  Dx



Anyway, thanks for the new stuff! :D

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Still no fix for

*Mouse sensitivity inconsistent after 16.3:

*Boltor P, Bolt series and Nekros' Soul Punch deal no push back damage:

*Blade Storm doesn't deal full damage:

*Frost's Avalanche:
A)When casting while hosting the game, killed enemies will be shattered (correct).
B)But if not hosting, killed enemies will stay and block our sight and shots for a long while (incorrect).
   Sometimes some enemies even never disappear and just stay forever.

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Still now fix for your cheat detection system PERMA BANNING players just because they have ahk.exe running, even though this situation was officially guaranteed to never happen in this PSA:


This locks innocent players out of the game, missing several timed events while having to wait 1+ week for the support to un-ban them.







I was banned for 6 days for using a script that is 1) within the green zone (autofire, push-to-talk holder) and has 2) not changed in months, but suddenly is a problem?

There's even a guy who got banned three times in one week.


This is not acceptable.

Maybe you're not heard because you kept posting this stuff on the wrong section.Or maybe some hacks and cheats uses the same format as the program you're using.I know it's not acceptable,but it's not acceptable to let hacks and cheats ruin warframe too.Point is,warframe is the only game I've played where there are no platinum,creds,or exp or any kinds of hack,there are some on the internet but they are easily fought back by warframes security system,so I cannot see anything wrong with a system doing it's job better than any other internet security provider out there.

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  • Fixed the Kubrow using the wrong finisher on enemies.
  • Fixed the Kubrow’s finisher animation on the Drahk Master making the victim immune to outside damage for the duration of the animation.

Can it be?

The Kubrow finishers that have been broken since update 15 are finally fixed?

After all these months, can I finally put my finisher mod back on my Kubrow?

I had given up on living to see this day!

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Nice to see Kubrows getting some attention.




Can we not "tweak" detoxifiers and just get rid of them?

Not worth the grief. Never has been, never will be.


Daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly maintenance of these things has always been a dumb idea.


Those animations that you showed to hype the Kubrow are still not in the game (wall running/zip-lining).


Stay in your freezer, DE still hasn't fixed you.


Couldn't imagine a low level mastery player maintaining these things. Poor guys.


Which sounds better?

Welcome to Warframe. Here's a dog quest that you really shouldn't be doing yet because you can't afford to maintain it.


Welcome to Warframe. Here's a quest for a loyal companion that will have your back until the end.

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  • Fixed held melee attacks being usable in mid-air, causing a ‘gliding slam’ onto an area.  Slam attacks will now drop players directly to the ground.

This is not a fix, but a loss of functionality.  Surely no one wants this change?



FIX? You remove the best move from the entire game. And you call it a FIX????? WHAAT?

Pretty much sums up my feelings on this change.

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  • Fixed held melee attacks being usable in mid-air, causing a ‘gliding slam’ onto an area.  Slam attacks will now drop players directly to the ground.


FIX? You remove the best move from the entire game. And you call it a FIX????? WHAAT?

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23 April 2015 - 07:02 PM

17 April 2015 - 05:47 PM

14 April 2015 - 09:19 AM

Posted 07 April 2015 - 07:56 AM

01 April 2015 - 06:45 PM

And as always:


Still no fix for the broken melee with Mesa (cannot find the thread I was looking for but other Tennos are kindly enough to have the same bug): https://forums.warfr.../?hl=+mesa +bug

Still no fix for the unreachable spots on Eris: https://forums.warfr...s/#entry4466640

Still no fix for bug with unranked warframes at the start of a mission: https://forums.warfr...e/#entry4470676

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  • A ‘default colors’ button has been added to each Arsenal customization colour (instead of a full restore to default), returning a weapon, Warframe or accessory back to its default colors. This will allow your Prime Attachments to shine in the default gold we showed them with. This will fix issues issues with energy colours not showing well when you use abilities.

So if we want to SEE the Default Colours on our frames "instead of seeing red line half-cross'ing the Primary, Secondary, Tint Colour 3-4 & Energy" we have to spend 75 Platinum on the 'Tenno Pallete' in order to see the each line of Default Colouring off the Frame itself, so we can "Copy Main Colours" for the Attachments to match the Default Colours.



Color - (American English)

Colour - (British English)



Looked over the 'Tenno Pallete' again and noticed the 18 columns were shown by 18 released frames.

1 - Ash

2 - Banshee

3 - Ember

4 - Excalibur

5 - Frost

6 - Loki

7 - Mag

8 - Nekros

9 - Nova

10 - Nyx

11 - Oberon

12 - Rhino

13 - Saryn

14 - Trinity

15 - Valkyr

16 - Vauban

17 - Volt

18 - Zephyr (Update 12)


So, for the frames that were released after that are:

Hydroid  (Update 13)

Mirage   (Update 14)

Limbo    (Update 15)

Mesa     (Update 15.5)

Chroma  (Update 16)

I just cant seem to find the Default Colour Rows for those.

p.s. The 'Tenno Pallete' Looks to be using darker Default Colours than the 'Default Colours' button.

The Prime Attachments look cool nonetheless :)

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