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Hotfix 16.4.2


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Event Fixes: 
- Fixed an issue that allowed you to use your Void Offerings via the Gear Menu when you were close to a Bursa. The intended way for your offering to be retrieved was via hacking the Bursa’s back panel, not by using the Gear menu. This is what lead to the majority of score-related & credit consumption bugs. Now that it is fixed, we will begin working on the reimbursement script. 
- Fixed an issue where Stalker-like enemies could make the Event mission break. 
- Fixed Clan emblems not being activated even though they had been approved. All clan emblems that should have been active (you received approval confirmation) will now be available in game! If you are still missing yours, let us know in this thread! 
Reimbursement Script Details:
- The intent of the event was to only ever allow you risk 1 (one) Void Offering.
- The bug with the Gear menu allowed you to spend >1.
- We will  be auditing for all times when >1 Offering was claimed in any denomination (1000, 10000, 100000) and returning it to you account.

This script will take some time to write, but we will let you know when it's begun and when it's complete. 
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Could we actually get Clan scores according to individual scores, instead of just activity ?

This is extremely unfair for clans that aren't full, or that happen to have one or 2 AFK players. Clans should have individual scores matter, it shouldn't be capped.

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Syndicate Allies can now be given ‘Hold Position’ and ‘Follow’ commands and can be issued with a context action (similar to giving Rescue targets your Secondary). This can be done at mission start as an option  for players that wish to progress in a mission alone or coordinate the movement of their Syndicate Allies. Syndicate Allies have been re-enabled in Rescue and Spy Missions in case some users want them, but if not you can have them ‘Hold Position’ at spawn and proceed alone


I hope this is a test for Kubrow Kommands. I have been asked for this exactly for kubs for some time now.


And what do you means Nef Anyo is now just called the Sergeant? I'm about to start playing now, you better have not just destroyed a character to give him some generic name.

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