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Building Warframe: Conclave Level Design

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Now that some of the dust has settled on Conclave 2.0 it's time to do a little expansion!  


This edition of Building Warframe takes a quick look at our latest Conclave Map: The Lost Halls.  Constructed using the dark atmosphere of the Orokin Derelict The Lost Halls is our largest released Conclave map yet.  Check out our quick preview on it here, and be sure to let us know what you think after playing a few rounds live on PC!



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This is one type of map I had been looking forward to, large and unpredictable, where map knowledge provides a serious advantage over simplistic ones.

This is a huge plus because in the current tight maps, it's like quake style close quarter encounters, but our mobility allows us to zoom by everything and score.

Lost Halls looks like it will take that away. You'll have to plan your routes to run as your making your way to capture. In my opinion is really changes things up for players.

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It looks great but its too big, too much running for me. i have no booster and need 20k standing a day, on this map i just run more and have less fights (chance to earn standing). My first thougts was "Great TDM Map... for CoD" where u have bigger teams but in Warframe 4vs4, it s*cks.

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So, this new map ...

At least it looks awesome.


The problem with this map is that it is really big and you can't move fast on it.

Parkour isn't possible, because the most walls have some kind of hindrence, so that you can't even start a wallrun on them. And thanks to this fact, you can completly forget to use wallrunslingshots on the biggest part of this map. And even if you find some good walls, besides one (for movement not usefull) exception you can't combine multiple wallruns. And if you don't know how to make good parkour maps: big parallel walls are the way to go.

So the consequence of this is that I have to spam the copter move every second to be fast on this map. This is exhausting and boring. I want to use it as a situational acceleration and not as my main movement tool.


Another problem is that you often stuck on level geometry on this map. Kontrollo said something really good in another topic:


Minor nitpick on top: like the other Orokin map there are too many corners and ledges to get caught on, in my opinion (cursed be the automatic ledge grab). It hinders parkour and just feels cheap in general when you die because you got stuck for a second on a bit of level geometry.



And this is exactly the point. In your first Building Warframe: Conclave level design you said something like "we took care that we removed the most unnecessary objects" - this isn't the case. And not only the walls have unnecessary objects, normal running and jumping is also cheaply limited on some places of this map. Please take a second look at your void maps again, movement is really clunky on them.


And my last note is about the middle of this new map. The rooms are really small and I feel really restricted in my movement. I see this as a tactical element of this battleground, but it is not a good idea to force players to fight in this zone. I would like to see a more open way to pass through the mid, just for more variety.

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We need Team Deathmatch mode, i'm tired of playing CTF, it's very broken, they stole the cephalon and run all over the map taking energy to spam their 4 in your face when you try to kill them, we want customized match, only melee, only guns, no energy mode, ect ... Anyway, I like the map I can't wait to play it.

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Okay, my first impression of the new maps:



1.) Reworked Europa Conclave

I'm not sure about this. It seems like you removed some annoying hindrances, which is good, but on the same time you added even more annoying ones:




This mini walls at the side of the map - remove them, pls. I'm begging you! They only hinder movement, they look cool, yes, but they aren't usefull. I have no idea how I could use them to move fast on the map, they disallow wallruns, running and coptering, that is all!

Also I'm not sure about the increased height of the walls on the side. It can be usefull, maybe we can do nice wallruns on them (but from what I've see, they seem to have some hindrances again -.- ), but I will have to play on the map to know exactly how they effect movement - unlike the miniwalls on the ground I can't tell how good or bad this changes are.


And a second image:




The boxes/barrels/containers, which were there at this place, could you pls add them back? They did not hinder movement, they gave us more options. I would really like to have them back (why did you remove something usefull and add some hindrance (the new little barrels)?).


2.) Navigation Array

The distances on this map seem a little bit short in the video.

Also this pillars are completly crap for any movement:




You can't start a horizontal wallrun on them, at all. They look awesome, but again: I hate super detailled walls, because you can stuck at many places on them.


3.) Canyon Settlement

Just a general feedback for rock walls (I don't have to complain about the map, at least from what I've seen): They are often some kind of buggy and you can't grab on them. This needs to be fixed, it is irrelevant wether it is an orange rock wall from phobos or a normal asteroid wall from an old grineer tileset. You need to look at them in general.


4.) Dockingbay

I looked around the walls and found a lot places where wallmovement could be hindered:




This are just some examples, you can find this pipes and knolls everywhere. Be carefull that they do not stop a wallrun. Yeah, it really fits the atmosphere and I don't want to remove them at all, because you need pipes in a underwater tileset. But pls make sure that all this nice cosmetics do not hinder the game feeling. It isn't great if something looks awefull, but is wonderfull for gameplay, but on the same time it is really bad if something looks great and you can't use it in any way.




Hopefully this will help you :/ .

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