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Stuff I personally find frustrating.


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First of all I love the game right now. This is just a list of the things I find drive me away after playing for a while (other than the need for sleep). Yes, this is subjective so I will try to explain as best I can.

Ancient disruptor infected -> I get it, infestation needs a big bad. My issue with this guy is that not only is he tough as nails but he drains both your shield and your energy. And he can spawn in large numbers. And he knocks you down. So suddenly you get 4 guys that take 10 snipetron shots to kill each, that neutralize half your durability (they laugh at your puny shield mods) and prevent you from using any skill while also sending you to the ground. I'd say they were balanced if they either took your shields or your energy and had less health or if they never ever spawned in numbers larger than 2.

I'll take any number of Shockwave Moas and Heavy Grineers instead of these guys. Hell, I'd even rather fight Grineer bosses all mission long.

On the subject on knockdowns -> permaknockdowns. It's pretty aggravating.

On the subject of aggravating -> enemies that knock you down and shoot you while you are getting up. I find this quite insulting, I'd rather take 150 damage up front and have them wait until I get up. It feels like that shield dude is mocking me. (This is sort of a joke point).

On the subject of jokes -> two Grineer Lancers walk into a room when a Tenno shows up. Decompression alert.

Melee enemies, and meleeing enemies -> enemy melee is weird, most of the time you can avoid it, but from time to time you get this shield dude™ who just hits you from 6 meters away.

Then you have your melee strikes, which are not entirely reliable: quite often you end up INSIDE an enemy and all your attacks miss (but theirs don't). I think this is a problem with enemy clipping or something. It can even happen with ranged weaponry (or "ranged" like the Bronco).

Also, meleeing on stairs is terrible.

Grenades -> they feel particularly unfair. I want some of my own. They either throw them into the wall or right between your eyes. And since you get no warning... (yeah I know it's being worked on). Maybe enemies should take damage from their own grenades...

Wave missions -> the ones from your rank are always too short and easy, and give out barely any rewards. I had to go and do some Earth defenses for it to be mildly challenging, and then I bumped into one that kicked my &#! so hard I can't yet sit down.

And not even high rank defenses give decent rewards.

Enemy factions -> this is related to the last post. I waddled into a 35-51 (iirc) defense mission vs Infestation and I hardly broke a sweat. Then I tried a defense mission (same rank, same difficulty #) vs Corpus and I was obliterated. What I'm getting to is this: factions are not balanced. "Difficulty" and enemy rank are not the same for different factions.

...no suggestions here. I'm just saying they should be if enemy rank is to be used as a rule of what missions you should be attempting.

Bosses -> You have the normal kind (okay I guess) and then you have the Jackal. The Jackal presents a small issue to me. None of my powers are useful on it. I run a Loki, and while you might say I can instakill it by switchporting, that is no fun at all (and will probably get fixed soon). He instamurders decoys, going invisible isn't particularly good vs infinite-aoe grenades, and disarm doesn't do crap to it (I read somewhere that it did but I tried it today and he just laughed and ate my soul... or he would have if Tennos had one).

My point here is that if the game has the "Solo" option (which it does) all warframes should have abilities that are useful vs bosses.

Gear -> it's a pain in the &#! to access when you need it the most... can we get key bindings?

Blueprints -> they are available way before we can possibly get to the systems we need to farm for the necessary components. This would be fixed if the blueprints said what they required in their description (I bought an axe bp and it will be a while before I can build it).

And now: nitpicking.

Energy color -> I can barely see its glorious glow :(

BO animation -> the stick moves weirdly around the Tenno's hands!

Stats -> more info please! Let us see all stats for everything (I mean power damage, power recharge, blueprint components, etc).

DOF/blur -> why does this setting add depth fog? D: I really like DOF in this game (quite a rare thing for me) but I hate it that distant rooms look all white/yellow/pink/whatever.

Mission time -> could we get a hint before we start a mission that says "long", "medium" or "short"? I guess it would be hard to code... but think of the children!

So yeah, I know this is beta. That's why I'm making this thread. I'm sure some of these things are being worked on. In fact I know other things I'd like to be in Warframe are being worked on.

No need for "but it's only beta", this is a feedback forum and the weird guy in the van that read "Free candy" said I could post this.

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I actually like the shield dudes, they add a nice challenge to the game. They're not bullet sponges or extrimely powerfull. Just get behind them, shouldn't be too hard.

But what I don't really like are the ancient disruptors. They drain energy like nothing. Feels a bit unfair since energy can be hard to get sometimes. "Nice energy you got there, would be a shame if something happened to it..."

I agree with the rest of things you stated.

BTW Bronco is OP.

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Yeah the disruptor energy drain is pretty obnoxious. You either spend your energy killing them or just losing it all.

Also, we should be able to tech roll or roll from getting downed. I'd rather be punished by getting knocked down, but stay punished if I don't react to it by tech rolling.

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Oh and a new one:

-> Make it so opening chests doesn't interrupt reloading. It's a pain in the &#! when using weapons with long reload times.

Also, we should be able to tech roll or roll from getting downed.

That would be pretty cool indeed.

BTW Bronco is OP.

Yes, and it would be even more OP if those Clip upgrades actually worked for something. 2 completely useless skill points (more if you get a catalyst).
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