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Few suggestions.


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Well currently in game currency is kinda trivial since you cant get anything apart from one time deals like blueprints.

So put in some money sinks like Random Mods for lets say lvl 1-5 for 10k 6-10 for 15k and so on up to lvl 30 mods for 50k+ for one randomly generated Mod.

Missions and Rewards

This might be on the way of geting fixed but this game gets boring as hell really fast since there is only basic types of quests. Run through this corridor maze and kill stuff and get this item or destroy something and as reward here take this useless currency that you dont really need after 20hours played. This reward thing is all quests you have btw alerts and normals alike. (apart from oh so rare chance to get something like blueprint or artifact from alerts) btw i skip all alerts that dont have Random reward in it since there is no real gain to do them.

so here is my suggestion to this ad some flare to the missions like having Freezing/Fires happen during mission rather than straight from the start since it adds sence of something actually happening there. also have other factions invasions happen like infested popping up while fighting Grineer. Also every level looks and feels like the last 40 i just did apart from having ice/fire/infected stuff on the ground so why not differ on color schemes and add more random doodads.

And for the rewards. Since money is basically useless after 20hours of play since you can have all you want in that time apart from 1000credits costing ammo/hp/energy packs you could UP the chance on Alerts giving Random artifacts and blueprints and at alert screen dont just put in "random item" as reward you could say you get one priced artifact from this mission and this blueprint from the next but please tell us what category item we are geting when we go in since after one has All blueprints or artifacts they want i quess they would pass every mission that gives em those as reward since not all of us have time to spend 20hours a day waiting for Alerts to go active and then do em in hopes of geting item that they dont yet have. Also on normal missions give us random atleast green mod with slight chance of being blue and level appropriate to mission we just did.


well its nice to build your own items and all but after i have build one there is no use having that blueprint at all since items dont have any random properties or modification possibilities apart from white, green and blue mods that are mostly just mathematical upgrades apart from Penetration and multishot on weapons.

so again something that could be done. let us modify our warframes "tech tree" a bit make it have random properties so there is reason to re craft that frame to get the perfect for your play style.

let us modify those trees a bit. Like if i dont want to have Skill Switch teleport at all for my Loki i could remove those and replace em slightly less efficient versions of lets say decoy boosts(like 25% of normal decoy boosts duration bonus)

or on weapons if i want to have weapon that hits once a week i can make it happend by removing all rate boosting things and add less efficient range boosts.

This would also tell you what are less desired atributes on frames/weapons so you could more easily update/fix what is needed

Game play and ui items in general

Knock back. well its nice and all to have some distruptive effect on enemies but why cant i even choose what skill im going to use after that knock back is over. lets say that i have 2 Grineer shield guys knocking me over and im low on HP/shield i have radial disarm selected and no energy to cast it so i want to use invisibility to survive but i cant even swap to that skill since im constantly geting knocked over till i die.

Using Ability requires me to stand still for 1-2 seconds? why cant my super high tech armor handle moving and activating abilities at the same time. This brakes the flow of combat/action and makes me less inclined to use those abilities at all and that just makes me sad i could have just picked up most cool looking warframe and not the one that had abilities i liked.

Melee on separate button? why do we need this, i could use my attack button to attack with melee too and aim to block melee hits but not gun fire. (get real no one is fast enough to block bullets with sword exept on accident not even chuck norris...)

There are some random loot containers that actively spawn with in immovable/impassable objects you can still destroy them but still its immersion breaker not a big deal but still.

it would be nice to know weapon damage armor rate on warframes with out having to count it your self from base damage+8%+11%+12%+bonus from leveling weapon

also where can i see base armor on warframes since im not convinced that unknown armor +mods with % is better than flat Shield mod i would like to be able to figure it out but i cant since i dont know what the base armor is. also does different warframes have different armor (i quess not but still would be nice to know)

if warframes only are different from other warframes by 4 active abilities then i think this should change since generic frame with 4 active skills is kinda lame. how about Rhino having 15% more armor and loki being slightly faster running and trinity regenerating some energy while volt has aura that prevents enemies from regenerating their shields while close range or something to add something that makes them different from each other when out of energy.

Sorry for bad Engrish and for wall of text but i think that if you read it it could give you some ideas how to improve this game that has so much potential allready but is lacking that thing that makes it worth playing more than just sometimes.

sorry also for the fact that i forgot somethings from the list. =)

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