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I would appreciate a button that allows me to have my Tenno patiently kneel.  The animation already exists, it's what your Warframe does at the end of every mastery test and every time you leave the Arsenal screen.


I'd simply like to have a button I could push (let's say default is the "k" key) which allows me to execute that animation in a mission.  If I'm waiting for a comrade to catch up, or a wave to start or simply watching my buddies mess around, I'd like to be able to do so in the manner of a patient warrior, not a spastic child.


This is a very minor feature request for a very minuscule audience, but every clan mate who's heard this idea has proclaimed, "That'd be so cool!"


Thank you for your time. 

It is in Spiral Knife. Special keys. (I am russian, sorry, bad english) But it is cool! Real! Sit, or make anything yet!

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Quite interesting.

Although I prefer the sitting/kneeling only. Standing idle already gives an animation. Add more to that and lessen the time it takes for thos animations to trigger.


Also, no to bonus effects since artifacts already do those.

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