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Gb And Cobra's Weapon Conestoga


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The weapons in Warframe are mostly generic
Which is kind of a shame since the gameplay's mesmeric

With the dev's clear love of this great undertaking
To see it stay samey would be so heartbreaking

Discussion began on our very own concepts
And before we noticed, it became our pet project

The release of more bullet hoses gets me frenetic
So here's some less standard ideas...enetic

Primary weapon
Melee Booster
An armoured brace connected to the spine, extending to the hands and feet. A mix of biological and technological, slow dull pulses of energy are visible moving throughout it. Limb specific movement causes the parts attached to those limbs to light up slightly with pulses of energy
Description: While equipped, your Tenno will keep his melee weapon out for __ seconds after use, rather than putting it away between every swing.
Additionally, melee attacks when directly targeting an enemy who is between 1-2.5 metres away with cause you to do a very short dash to the target, making it faster to get between enemies too close to be worth a slide attack.
Melee Booster also grants some minor passive boosts to movement, blocking and melee attacks.

Primary weapon
Drain Leash
a small hand held device resembling a somewhat oversized taser. once fires, sends a small projectile resmbling a metal arrow that latches into an enemy and begins to channel some form of energy from the enemy into the weapon.
Description: When fired, drains the target of shield and health. Drains shield at roughly twice the rate of health.
As it drains, fills in a bar.
When the bar is full, right clicking on an ally replenishes their shield for X (Possibly 250?) points, right clicking on an enemy deals X (Again, 250?) damage.

Secondary weapon
A small red or blue stick with a red or blue light on the top, respectively.
Description: Player starts with a number of charges, tapping left click places a proximity detonated charge (Red) which will explode as soon as an enemy aproaches. holding left click places a remotely detonated charge (Blue) which can then be detonated with right click.
Again, less useful in the game at present, may be useful further in the games development, especially if it can be used as a silent assasination weapon. in which case, instead of exploding, could possibly release an electric charge or flachettes.

Secondary weapon
Ammo Supply
When not placed (ie, on your person) resembles a small black box, with a strap allowing you to carry it on your shoulder.
When placed: Looks like a high teck box, black with lights on it, the top displays the shape and colour of each of the 4 ammo types (Pistol, rifle, shotgun, sniper)
Description: Can be placed once in a game, allows each player to fully replenish their energy and ammo once. Cannot, itself, have it's ammo replaced. Only really useful for certain bosses and defence missions.

Melee weapon
a series of articulated units resmbling small, flexible metal bars with coloured "Energy" running over them. Appears to have a passive shock effect around it, like a weapon with electric damage.
Description: A more interesting form of melee, gimicky like the glaive but still a little fun, Tapping the melee button simply whips enemies at significant range dealing electric damage. Charging wraps up enemies hit, temporarily stunning them. Small or dead enemies that have been wrapped can then be flung at other enemies with the default attack.

Primary weapon
user wears ergonomic tanks on their back, with a pipe leading to a fairly large device resembling a high tech leaf blower.
Description: Basic flamer type weapon, left click ignites enemies directly in front of the user, dealing moderate fire damage as ammo depletes.
Right click sprays highly flammable gas that lingers in the air at roughly half the ammo consumption rate of the default ability.

Secondary weapon
looks like 3-5 small spheres on the belt.
Description: left click to throw, right click to cook.
Possible include different types:
Default is just explosive, 100% damage to all targets.
EMP/ Shock grenades, 150-200% damage to robotic/shielded units. 50% to biological/unshielded units.
Biobombs, 200% to infected/living organism, cannot pass through shields.

Primary weapon
Mini Seeker Rockets
A small rectangular box with several holes on the front and side facing vents on the back, roughly the size of an old stereo.
Description: When unscoped, fires rockets in a straight line doing moderate damage in a small AoE with a low fire rate. While scoped, holding the fire button allows the player to target up to 5 enemies at once (or the same enemy 5 times), releasing the button fires up to 5 rockets in rapid succession that seek out the targeted units.

Secondary artifact
SEP Emitter
I can't remember what it looked like, I didn't really notice
Description: Decreases the sound of footsteps and makes players less likely to be detected. Also hides the user from security cameras. Passively decreases the player's aggro, enemies will prefer other targets

Secondary artifact
see above.
Description: Increases the likelyhood that an enemy will target the bearer. Allows a portion (perhaps 5%?) of shield regen to continue even while taking damage.

Primary weapon
A long barrel with 2 corded poles connecting the the arm of the warframe holding it.
Description: Rapidly fires rounds of 3 bullets per shot with a target marker alternate fire. Much the the gorgon but sacrifices movement speed while firing. Bullets will chase the targetted enemy, in a room big enough will be able to target units behind the holder. Literally a skilless stand in one spot holding click weapon.

Primary weapon
a medium sized rifle with a large round device on top which spins rapidly as the weapon is fired.
Description: A fairly standard assault rifle with a low, but steady, rate of fire. maintains a reasonable accuracy, and does not need to be reloaded, but suffers slightly less damage than other rifles with a similar fire speed.

Primary weapon
A large weapon with a large stock, is placed against the shoulder when firing.
Description: Fires a visibly large slug with each shot (Uses shotgun ammo). Deals high damage and staggers or knocks down targets, dealing minor splash. Small clip size and fire rate and high recoil make it only useful against stronger targets or clusters of smaller targets.

Primary weapon
a metal mesh glove with glowing finger tips and a small box attacthed to the underside of the wrist.
Description: Left click releases a small swarm of 10-15 small flying robots that rush over to enemies, attacking them and dealing minor damage. Each has low health and can be targeted, but left alone has high damage potential. Releasing a new swarm destroys surviving members of the previous one (possibly detonating them for extra damage?)
Right click fires a box containing a swarm, allowing priority targets to be attacked first.

Secondary artifact
Module Holder
a small clip that allows the data packet found in some missions to be worn on the back.
Description: As you'd expect, allows the data packets to be worn on the back instead of carried. Freeing both hands to use a primary.
At the cost of having a secondary weapon for times where carrying the data packet isn't necesary.

Melee Weapon
A smooth, lightweight device centered on the ankle, reaches a short way up the calf. Has two small outlets on either side of the foot, facing downwards. Releases circular pulses of energy every time a kick connects with a target
Description: A multipurpose melee weapon, with the right usage is useful in most situations, but not outstanding in any.
Charging your attack results in a stomp-kick with enough force to crush armour, dealing strong armour piercing damage, slide attacks fire any lighly armour enemies into the air, while quick attacks are able to slow their fall, allowing for 3-4 free hits on the target.
Air attacks are a standard AOE knockdown, but should you ever manage to hit an enemy with it from above (Using a wall jump or vantage point), the resulting goombah stomp deals enough damage to instantly kill any small enemy.

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