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The Infinite Fall

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Well, that happened twice to me this week.


As the title says, this bug is an infinite fall beneath the ground.

The thing is, I jump, try to perform a melee attack, then I fall trough the ground.

After that, I fall infinitely. The waypoint goes up to 2000 m, then I teleport at the level 0, and continue to fall.

It feels like I have a portal in top and beneath of me, in a 2000m range.  C:


There's nothing I can do, all I have to do is waiting for my teammates to finish the mission, or leave the lobby.

And when I carry the 4 datamass... all the teammates are in deep. ^^



So, if someone experienced the same thing, please tell it, or give support, or help me describing it. =)

Thanks to the staff for reading :D

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Happened to me - I jumped in an elevator shaft and went right through the elevator and all the way down.... suddenly teleported up to the same height as the map, but still outside of it, and maintained downward velocity and kept falling.  The teleporting up and falling kept happening... until I Aborted the mission.


Had someone join one of my matches - they spawned in the floor, fell through, and got into the infinite fall/teleport cycle.  On a catalyst alert.  Felt bad for them...


They need to make it so that when you fall off the bottom of the map, it just teleports you to the beginning of the map.  At least then you *might* have a chance of catching up.  

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Yeah the first time I was on an elevator =)

And the second time, this was on a random place in a spaceship.


How long do I have to wait ? Because last time I waited at least 5 minutes. I mean 5 real minutes. And I can tell 5 minutes of falling is really boring.




So thanks, I feel less lonely now <3

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