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Add Public Place Area


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Hi ,

lots of time after login in game i want be in place be public and meet other players , chatting , take look around and make some social with other ppl in this game.

its like if we make Sun - for eaxple - puclic place .. everyone want take rest from game and dont want do missions can go there and meet ppl .. exchange experience and knowledge...

and it will be good chance join clan XD ....

the free public place we can make some trade in game .

this is simple what i'm thinking be in this great game ^_^ and i know you can chat with other from chatbox but i dont think chat will be enough for what i'm try to say :)

thanks all

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VERY hard to implement. I don't think the engine is well suited for input from more than 4 PCs.

For a design idea I'd go with the tutorial's virtual reality scenario and improve on that with verticality. (non-flat areas, "buildings" etc.)

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i find it would a great addition but right now i think like sic4life said there are alot hole more stuff to focus on that this , maybe when OBT comes along or when the game goes live yes right now NO

be like Dust 514 i think aboard a tenno space craft thats huge and you cna exsplore etc etc

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