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I Lost 20Pl For Nothing!

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I just traded 20pl for Braton Prime Barrel, completed trade returned to my ship but when I checked I did not receive Braton Prime Barrel! I know it was not scam I completed trade succesfully, I'm just rank 6 and 20pl means a lot for me, don't know what happened but it's a fact that I don't have 20pl or Braton prime barrel... can someone help me?

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I've just submitted a ticket for support, I hope they won't ignore me

The Warframe Support Team is usually very helpfull and understanding. If what happend was an error that can be clearly traced back as something on the games side, you will definetly get your plat back.

When submitting a Ticket try to be as polite and factual as possible, the support Team works through hundreds of tickets each day and if  i were in their shoes i would ignore everything that starts with an insult or a snarky comment!


Just sayin´^^

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Don't worry, they won't ignore you and they're very helpful.


But yes they're swamped and it could take any amount of time up to a month for getting a reply. Just be patient, they reply to everyone and always try to find an acceptable solution for both parties. 

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