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Hola Amigos


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Just got on thanks to the IGN beta key giveaway. Wanted to say hi and deliver some first impressions :-)

First off, great game you all have got here is definitely my first impression. Graphics are slick and combat is fluid. And, I have to say, thank God that someone is making a F2P game where I can fight an AI. Seriously, PvP is fun and all but there are only so many times I can stand having "Noobdestroyer 2000" stomp all over me before the fun quotient begins to go down. So basically, I love the co-op nature of the game and if you all want to throw in some PvP sometime, go for it but I will always prefer co-op.

Beyond that, I don't know what else to say. FWIW had a slight hiccup where my team couldn't find a terminal in a spy mission even though we were at the nav marker on the map. But it is closed beta so I expect some snafus like that. Overall I just had a lot of fun playing this game and I'm excited to level up my warframe more, etc. Have to admit, I was hesitant to get into this one because I"m already playing a few F2P games, but this I think will be one of my go-to titles and I may just drop off one of the others.

Question, any way to get more warframes besides buying them from the market? I'd like to eventually try out that Loki or Volt.

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