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Can't join Alert Missions.


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Constantly getting "you've been disconnected", won't allow me the option to start my own in public mode.

The only way I can play them is to choose the solo option. Was working fine before the latest update.

Anyone else having this issue?

i had it but i kept on trying to join a match and after 5-10 times it worked

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Have had this happen with normal missions as well.

Currently you cannot make your own public game if there are already public games on the same mission with a free slot, as matchmaking will try and have you join one of those, which sometimes fails and might continue to fail if it keeps trying to put you in the same one you cannot connect to.

Which is a shame because the game is great in co-op but not when you get this problem coupled with getting put in a game where the host's connection cannot handle more than 2 people and the rest of the game is a slide show with dead enemies running/standing about, which is why I'm sticking to private games for the moment.

The matchmaking system could use some work, filter options; based on slots, ping, levels, etc. that or an overhaul to something simple to use like Diablo 2's B.Net which is just grand.

Hmm seems I went on a bit of a rant there, to answer your question; yes.

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After the latest patch i can't even start alert missions. Screen goes blank and stays that way until i ctrl-alt-delete it. Missions on planets still work though. My biggest beef is that i never see other people online anymore. It's always 0 squads active everywhere :(

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