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Shield Lancer hit detection


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They're somehow capable of hitting players that are directly behind them, or a considerable distance away, with their shield bash move. This has been mentioned before, I think, but I didn't see a proper mention of it in this section, so I figured I might as well. It's hugely annoying.

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I have to bump this topic.


The last couple of days I've played a lot of solo Grineer missions and noticed this as well. Before I always thought that it might have been an issue with lag, but even when you host your own sessions, the hit detection seems to be way too generous.


I played a Loki modded for speed and somehow the Shield Lancers can manage to hit you when you are about 5 meters (hey, I don't know how big the units in the Evolution engine are) or more to the side or behind them. They can also hit when you are standing on boxes or, as often the case with the asteroid base tileset, on another gangway.


It also seem they lack an unalerted AI state, as they cannot be stealth killed.

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