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Mag Prime Immortal


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Unless it was changed recently, all immortal skins change the color of gold parts of Primes, except on the helmet.  This is not exclusive to Mag.

what he is pointing out is that the PBR is missing on the immortal skin^^

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Here a screenshot that illustrates more clear the problem with PBR on immortal skins^^



i actually mentioned this problem also as a question for the upcoming devstream^^

if you want to have this mentioned in the devstream i'd love to see an upvote :D


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Ember, Rhino, Loki, Frost, Nyx, I checked all of them, and none looses its gold. Mag Prime is the only frame where skin covers the gold parts.


Then you need to look closer.  All Primes lose gold with the Immortal skins.  They just don't lose all their gold.  Every Prime frame uses the base model of the normal frame with some extra bits added.  The Immortal skin (or Rubedo skin in Rhino's case and Festive skin for Frost) replaces the skin of the normal frame but leaves the Prime extras unaffected.  This is more apparent on newer Primes as they have more extras.  In Mag's case the gold stripes on her body are lost as they are part of the normal Mag model just re-textured and the Immortal skin re-re-textures it.  Her shoulder armour remains gold, if you don't replace it, and her floaty bits by her hips remain gold.  This is because they aren't part of the basic model.  Ember loses a lot of small gold details on her arms and body but you probably don't notice because her shoulder armour and thigh guards are such promenent parts and unaffected.  Rhino, again loses a lot of small gold details on the body but his new spinny widget and giant shoulders remain because they are new to the Prime model.  Loki, you barely notice the Immortal skin being equipped because he has so much extra piled on.  Frost, if you change the shoulder armour, helmet and skin you'd never know he was Prime.  Nyx again has a fair few extras but she does lose her gold toe nails if you go Immortal.

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