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A suggestion for the endgame content


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The warbros clan came up with a few suggestion for the endgame, which I compiled into this post with a few modifications and additions of my own.

I don't know how far the the development progress is, this already being a beta and all but I am aware that it might not be possible to implement everything I describe here in time for release. Looking at Vindictus, though, with their quite large content updates each year, it might be possible to implement later.

Anyway, here goes.

After you clear the solar system the lotus discovers the signal of an old Orokin ruin, a dyson sphere and sends you to investigate.

Basically the Sphere is a hub for the endgame content.

The sphere consists of a multitude of layers, each with a unique environment and enemies. In order to advance to the next layer you first have to clear all missions on the current layer, with each mission having bosses, that get bigger and stronger with each layer. The entrance to the next layer will have an Altenno boss.

The Altenno, introduced in the intro mission for the sphere look similar to the Warframes but partly inorganic with signs of infection and behave like their respective Warframes, except with more powerful and additional special abilities.

A few ideas:

Alt-Volt has the ability to travel through the place using active electrical ports.

Alt-Excalibur does a Onmi-Slash of Slash-dashes, phantom images will appear in the area, telegraphing where he will strike.

Alt-Ember lights herself on fire and chases you, you have to find and destroy valves to release cooling fluid and lure her into it.

Alt-Ash throws lots of shuriken. LOTS of shuriken. Bullet-hell amount of shuriken.

Alt-Mag can manipulate the gravity of the area, pull you close to her and perform a crush attack, when you're pulled too close.

Alt-Trinity has telltale stances from the way she walks or poses, hit her and she does one of the attacks on you

-Removes all your ammunition

-Absorbs your shield / health for her own

-Disables regeneration for a duration

-Reflects your abilities

-Goes into a frenzy of melee attacks


Each layer will have an optional raid boss that doesn't count towards the progression for the next layer but has exceptionally rare rewards. Basically that raid boss will be huge, powerful and require a lot of players that work together to take it down.

The last layer before the core will have all the Altenno in one large raid bossfight working together. For this fight you have a set amount of time to do as much damage to them as possible before they retreat from the battle. It is only possible to advance to the core by an immense numbers of players participating in the battle that may last for weeks or even months.

Every time you clear a layer you will get a datapass that allows you to access new areas in the hub, that are only available for players with that datapass, basically creating layer-lobbies for players.

The first time players enter the sphere, access to other areas will be limited to a few introductory missions which consist of around 4 objectives.

First - Break in. Penetrate the center of the Megastructure. Grineer and Corpus raiding parties are hard at work already fighting each other and trying to break in themselves. You are to find a way inside before the other 2 factions. You have the option to sabotage either of the factions and use their tools to get in or try to find a different, Tenno exclusive, way without alerting the other factions of your presence.

Second - Go in. Investigate what is happening in the mega structure. This will consist of hacking specific terminals scattered all over the first major zone while under attack from the new advanced enemies from the Structure AND attack from the Faction you did not attack in part 1, if you chose to sabotage the other. If you chose the 3rd way, this part is basically a stealth mission. This is also a great opportunity to expand or create the lore of Warframe.

Third - Discover. You discover a research lab that hints at experiments being done on the infection. To deny the other factions access to this data you are told to destroy it. At the end of this part you also discover that the Sphere consists of layers with increasingly more powerful artifacts the closer you get to the core. The lotus tells you to retrieve these artifacts.

Fourth - Go deeper. You fight your way to the entrance of the first layer through Corpus and Grineer, with enemies getting stronger but also fewer the closer you get to the entrance. Around you are hints of heavy skirmishes and not between the 2 factions. When you arrive at the entrance a new enemy, a sort of gate guardian appears. After the boss battle a cutscene plays - Behind the dead guardian a few creatures appear. The Altenno approach the fallen guardian, do something to his body and then disappear into the shadows again. The Lotus tells you that the guardian will explode and annihilate every living thing in a large radius. The lotus directs you to shelter and you have completed the intro mission.

The shelter you arrived in will serve as the hub for players to take on the layers of the Sphere.

Introducing PvP would also be an option here, one side playing as the Tenno, the other as the Altenno.

Edit: Wait, should this go into the feedback forums? If yes, might a mod be so kind to move the thread?

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I think its a great idea although it might be a bit too hard with some players

The pvp function might not be the best part though considering warframe is already pve heavy

Still might be intresting to see some of this in the coming updates, especially the lore aspect of it all

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