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Selectable Rewards From Alerts | Probably Treading Old Ground Here...


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Inspired by a mechanic I've seen in a few MMOs where quest completion is rewarded with a choice from a small pool of rewards, what I'm suggesting is that upon completion of a ? Alert each Tenno be given a choice from two or three different rewards. Naturally, all rewards would be randomly chosen. This might mean having to choose between a Glaive BP, and a piece of Vauban, (Tough choice...) or between a two Control Modules, an Orokin Cell, and a Potato BP. (Clear winner...)


Currently, I feel this model may be too "overpowered," but introducing resources into the reward pool could help dilute the "good" rewards until drop rates are inline with whatever DE is satisfied with. They're the boss, first and foremost. Also, as more neat things get introduced through the Alert System (an inevitability, I feel,) this mechanic would give people who don't want an endless collection of duplicate blueprints and artifacts an reason to participate for other valuables.


I'd just like to stress that this isn't really a complaint or a request to make things more common, and I'd naturally expect appearance rates to be adjusted to compensate for any changes.

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Apparently the game Panzar (which I saw in akamikeb's bff report) has a slider for mission rewards between xp and cash.

So, Examples:


Extreme left, 1 Credit and 99 Exp.
Extreme right 99 Credit and 1 Exp.


Kinda interesting idea, especially for people who are 30 and do not need exp.


But seeing as the cash rewards now increase with planet difficulty maybe this isn't a good idea.

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I don't imagine that cred rewards would be affected by something like this. You'd still get your cred prize, but before you get to the results screen you would be given the option to chose between any of the available rewards. Rewards which were previously determined and tweeted just like the present system.

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