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Getting Missionreward after failed alert mission.


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I failed an alert mission tonight and still recieved the questionmark-price, in this case a blueprint for an Orokin Reactor. It was a defense type mission, it seemed to try to join a group, but i ended up solo anyway. Entering the big room the first wave spawned and i failed horribly (probably cause it was so late, or maybe cause i still have a cold... or maybe i just suck at warframe, anyway, i got my ancient warmachines behind handed to me.

First weird thing, i did not get asked if i'd like to revive, the game just let me stare at my murdered warframe. Pressing escape and then selecting revive from the options 'worked', cause it at least made something happen. It got me to the mission failed screen, where i was informed of the few xp that i got, the mod i collected... and that i got a blueprint for an Orikin Reactor as a mission reward... which sounds weird, cause i should certainly only get it when actually winning that mission.

I don't know how to recreate this bug, but maybe you can check the server logs and find out what happened.


There is already a thread up about it, sorry i didn't notice it. [link: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/4322-reward-get-when-lost-the-mission/]

This one can be closed.

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