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Synoid Syandana Has A Blue Overlay (16.5.1)


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Before 16.5 and before the update that broke syndicate Syandanas, the Synoid one had energy matching exactly the 5th color channel you picked in "attachments." However, ever since the latest updates, the syandana's energy always have a blue overlay on it, limiting customization by a huge margin.


In the pictures below, you can see that both energy color channels on my attachments and warframe is set to a light turquoise color, yet what appears on my back is blue.






Here's what "red" looks like: purple-ish.



Another example, in white.



And finally, here's how it originally was (how it should be), before everything broke.


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I have that same issue but I managed to get a good picture of mine before the update that fixed invisible syandanas when mine happened to be working.


Before update:



After update:



The blue looks like it was there before the update but it is definitely more noticeable now.

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