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Paris Prime Positioning Bugg


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so for some reason my Paris Prime is appearing way of center in face its so far of center that its nest somewhere around me frames left shoulder if not burrowing into the frame its self.

here is how bed it gets




as you can see poor Oberon  has been impaled by a bow this seems cruel and unusual at best.

Rhino on the other hand as you can see just has it tapped to his shoulder.




i have no clue what is causing this and by no means did i purposely do such a thing to my poor boys so can you please fix this DE as it makes us sat seeing a bow sticking through Oberon.

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yer Jaddmaster i did check it with all frames and posted the worse 2 ones.
the Paris Prime is messed up with all the frames i checked it with (i dont have volt p or excl p to test it with) but it may be fixed in the hot fix just now.
we will find out soon.

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