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Grouping/Hosting Filters


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I'd like to suggest filters for grouping and hosting games. If possible, let us set ping limits for both games we join and games we create. Also, let us set limits to how many people can join into a game we're hosting.

I often find myself being put into games that are LAAAAAAAAAAAGged really badly. Just for the sake of farming or getting a mission done, I put up with spending the next 10 minutes swinging at things not there and trying to get through doors that won't open properly. It's not much fun, and really offputting in terms of wanting to coop in the future.

Also, some games will run smoothly with 2 or 3 people, but will start to lag when it fills up to 4. I don't know if it's an issue with the host's bandwidth, or the last few people having bad connections, but being able to limit how many people or the ping limit of people that can join into a match would prevent this.

Honestly, most non-boss missions just seem more enjoyable with 2-3 people at most. Having 4 people almost always pushes the gameplay into a full on race for the finish line. I can't figure out if there is not enough enemies or room for 4 people, but having a full 4 just seems to ruin the pacing. You want someone to play with and watch your back, not 3 other people competing with each other for kills and blocking each other's shots.

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