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Hotfix 16.5.3


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The removal of Arcane Enhancements on Nekros’ Mortos Syandana and Valkyr’s Bonds is now live, and any attached Arcanes have been returned to your Inventory. As stated in Hotfix 16.5.2, this change is due to Nekros and Valkyr having an unfair advantage over other Warframes by having one additional Arcane slot.


Conclave Changes


  • Players in Cephalon Capture will now be notified of which player stole their Cephalon.
  • Oro will now be dropped by a player who self-kills. This Oro can also be recovered or claimed.
  • The amount of Oro needed to claim victory in Annihilation modes has been reduced from 30 to 25.
  • Increased Conclave standing gains from XP to be 2x the amount of normal Syndicate standing.
  • Changed the Conclave Annihilation Scoreboards to better highlight how ranking works:
    • We renamed the ‘Technique’ column Oro.
    • We now display Oro in the first column as it is the stat that determines rank. 




  • Added Teshin “Free For All” call out in Conclave Annihilation mode.




  • Removed unnecessary water volumes from the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Tweaked ambience sounds in the Orokin Derelicts.
  • Tweaked volume in numerous Gas City levels.
  • Updated reverb in Gas City, Forest, and Grineer Galleon levels.
  • PBR material has been added to the Amprex!
  • Reverb 2.0 has been improved, reverbs will feel less dense now, enabling you to hear enemies and weapons more clearly.




  • Fixed the final doorway not opening during the Hijack mission in The Trials of Retribution Nightmare mode. Please note that all keys removed from inventories will be reimbursed as this bug related to a lot of failed attempts - we are working on a script now.
  • Fixed Hellion Power Carries not spawning on Stickney, Phobos.
  • Fixed players being able to trigger the Hijack mission of The Trials of Retribution Nightmare mode before completing the puzzle stage. Fixed in 16.5.4!
  • Fixed numerous NPC related crashes.
  • Fixed the Navigation menu overlapping with a kiosk screen when opened in the Relays.
  • Fixed players receiving extra copies of the Operation: Tubemen of Regor badge each time a battle was completed.
  • Fixed Hive Tumors being undestroyable.  
  • Fixed Corpus Crewman muzzle flash not updating position.
  • Fixed Ember’s Fireball Frenzy Augment causing Fireballs to bounce off of Mesa’s Shatter Shield.
  • Fixed objective markers disappearing in Defense missions.
  • Fixed Dread and Meer arrows not being colorable (for real this time!).
  • Fixed players being randomly teleported for no reason in a Grineer Sealab hallway.
  • Fixed persisting enemy markers after an enemy has died.
  • Fixed a script error when receiving Invasion Battle Pay (not related to the event).
  • Fixed players receiving a script error when crafting - this could result in a game freeze.
  • Fixed Teshin stating ‘5 Kills Remain’ even though the max score has been achieved.
  • Fixed overlapping lines in the Chat window.
  • Fixed the Tipedo not having Tenno script on it as intended.
  • Fixed right side Transmissions being cut off due to having a low resolution.
  • Fixed text issue with lengthy player names in the End of Mission and Mission Progress menus.
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Is it just me or why doesn't Helios attack when it has the "deconstructor" and the attack mod equipped? I tried it with the deth-machinegun and Helios acted normally/attacked. Anyone else having this problem?

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