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Update 7.11.0: Vauban!

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New Warframe: VAUBAN - The combat engineer!

Are you a crafty Ninja? Then this is the warframe for you. The highly tactical VAUBAN uses his powers to create deadly traps that can zap, imprison and dimensionally crush enemies!

Get him today in the Market with Platinum, OR purchase the Blueprint and await the drop of his components from "?" Alerts!


  • Added new avatar icons for profile customization, retired the old avatar packs.
  • Added "Invite Only" matchmaking mode. Session can only be joined if host has directly sent an invite to client.
  • Users can now specify a ping range to filter out undesirable sessions.
  • Added "Operation" kills to profile.
  • Our Optional Reset tool is ready, please check www.warframe.com/user for instructions!


  • Our Marketplace Weapon Pricing has received an overhaul. The Weapon Prices have been the same since Closed Beta, and now that we have grown, we are going to balance the pricing of our gear. An End-Goal of this is also to eventually include Platinum to Credit Bundles.
Name Credit Price Plat Price Notes
Braton Was 10,000, Now 25,000 No longer Plat  
Sicaris 20,000 No longer Plat  
AK Lato Was 12000, Now 25000 No longer Plat  
Bronco Was 35,000, now Blueprint. 190 Blueprints in store
Burston Was 12,000, now Blueprint 120 Blueprints in store
Boar 75,000 No longer Plat  
Snipetron Was 50,000, now Blueprint. 225 Blueprints in store
Gorgon   225 Blueprints in store
Dual Skana Was 45,000, now Blueprint. 125 Blueprints in store
Furis Was 15,000, now Blueprint 120 Blueprints in store
Furax Was 30,000, now Blueprint 125 Blueprints in store
Strun   225 Blueprints in store
Lex Was 35,000, Now 50,000 No longer Plat  
Skana   150 Blueprints in store
Lato 10,000 50 Starting Gear
Latron Was 50,000, now Blueprint 225 Blueprints in store
Bo Staff   65 Blueprints in store
Mk1-Braton 15000 No longer Plat Starting Gear
  • Rhino Skin no longer grants full invincibility, but can now reach up to 80% Damage Reduction at highest Mod level.
  • UI Improvements have been added to the "Contact" Area of the Menus.
  • Banshee's Sound Quake has been balanced to do more intended damage amounts on use.
  • Glaive is no longer affected by Client vs Host lag. This allows clients to immediately throw the glaive and have normal-looking motion even with a laggy host.
  • Disabled challenges (optional objectives) in Master Rank tests
  • Weapon damage amount no longer stacks on to of Weapon projectile explosion chance.
  • News feed now updates real-time with alerts when syncing world state instead of waiting for relogin by user.
  • Max health = 100 for Leech/Mine drones.
  • Reworked Paris firing sound. No more musical notes. Added dedicated 2D and 3D sounds.
  • Reworked bow draw and added dedicated 2D and 3D sounds.
  • Reworked all bolt impacts and added water and flesh.
  • Fusion Moa drones spawn with a level similar to the Moa instead of level 1.
  • Changed scale of Leech Drone.
  • Super MOA added to main enemy list, but is still rare.
  • Players using hacking terminals will not be affected by Mag's Pull power or Loki's Switch power.
  • Crouch-aim walk is now slower than stand-aim walk
  • Seekers now have limit to number of active Latchers they can deploy.


  • Fixed Infested Crawlers being able to jump. You are a crawler....you crawl.
  • Fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor hanging when cast on certain enemies.
  • Fixed Ember's World on Fire ability having inconsistent duration times.
  • Fixed clients are stuck in "ground fire" posture/modifier from everyone else's point of view after reviving.
  • Fixed vertical damage deformer resulting in black artifacts appearing on enemies.
  • Fixed Shield Osprey from hiding if last enemy in defense mission.
  • Fixed Paris not appearing in player profile stats page
  • Fixed bonus XP being displayed when you forfeit a mission.
  • Fixed objective complete status not being removed when players abort or finish a mission
  • Fixed enemy count being reset on extermination missions when host migrates
  • Fixed an issue where the "Hit Point" of radial damage was always the centre of the explosion (powers like radial blast would have the damage indicators show up at your feet)
  • Fixed electricity FX on Ether weapons
  • Fixed hit proxies for MOAs
  • Fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor and Trinity Link abilities having limited use against Fusion Moas, power effect now more in-line with other enemies.
  • Fixed clipping issues on moving ships and ramps in Cave Hanger
  • Fixed bolts impaling pickups
  • Fixed Trinity's Link ability affecting the rescue target, even when other enemies are nearby. Link ability now ignores all friendlies.
  • Fixed "Skip Tutorial" option that was replacing "Abort Mission" while in tutorial state.
  • Fixed falling through stairs on respawn/revive.
  • Fixed stats not collecting for projectile weapons.
  • Fixed glaive not doing critical hits when thrown.
  • Fixed some blocking volumes in Corpus Outpost that allowed players to go under the map.
  • Fixed collision volumes on some rocks in Outpost
  • Fixed Outpost weather VFX that extended into interior environments
  • Fixed Outpost door prefab that was causing some agents to get stuck
  • Fixed clients not having charge melee interrupted by enemy melee
  • Fixed quiver holster position to avoid the flip of the quiver when firing the bow offhand.
  • Fixed Paris not auto-switching to pistol when out of ammo.
  • Fixed unusable context actions when client disconnects while using context action. The server will perform cleanup so that usage can be released.
  • Fixed ability to parry when glaive is in flight. Parrying only works when glaive is in melee mode.
  • Fixed reload animation playing twice when interrupting auto-reload with glaive.
  • Fixed clipless weapons of clients never firing on host = never consuming ammo = bow never deducts ammo on host = can never pick up ammo.
  • Fixed multiple reported crashes
  • Fixed various issues with ragdolls
  • Hot-fix 7.11.1

  • fixed crash at boot experienced by some users
  • removed opaque background from Market and Foundry
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Wow a lot bigger patch than i expected. Thanks :)


Kinda sad i don't see scindo's screenra** being fixed tho.


I like the intro vid for the warframe, make sure to make such videos for the other warframes aswell :)

Edited by rabcor
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Awesome work :D

For Fixes


  - - - - - -


 On other ground, Rhino nerf need some revaluation. (90% damage reduction. massive resistance to poison, immune to pushing..)


       - - - - - -


          Note: Strun cost 75.000 credit, not Boar. And this one got the BP, not Strun.


            - - - - - -


              And very sad that new Avatar Icons are Platinum only... u_U

                At least can you lower their price to 20, same as Reactor/Catalyst? *.*

Edited by PhantomWay
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I just patched and now that game black screens and crashes whenever I try to start it : (


Start though Steam,

it checks for patches,

it the play button

see the loading screen

and the screen goes black and sounds like it is at the password screen, but crash

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wow really? they nerfed the one thing that could make rhino usable? While trinity has infinite energy and not only full invul, but reflects damage? Well.... to throw rhino to the garbage then :/

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"Balance the weapon pricing"? That sounds like a funny way of saying "Almost everything is a blueprint now!" I understand money is important to making the game grow, but please don't disguise something like that as "pricing balance". It's dishonest.


Everything else about the update is fine, I'm just annoyed by how so many weapons - not even really remarkable weapons at that - are now becoming blueprints. It makes getting into the game that much more difficult, since almost all the intriguing weapons now take you about twelve hours to make. Who wants to stop playing for twelve hours? Not the newcomer, that's for sure.

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  • Banshee's Sound Quake has been balanced to do more intended damage amounts on use.


Does this mean you fixed the bug where Banshee deals double damage when she isn't host? Or does this mean you reduced the spell's damage in general? Or both?

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