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Bonus Mission Suggestion

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so every mission, we always got a bonus objective that want us to do thing like "cast an ultimate skill; headshot 10 time; hack a console...". But the reward were just a bunch of exp that worthless when your equipment are lv15 or when you simply don't need exp.


So here's an idea, instead of exp, why don't the reward will random be either be Credit, Fame, Core or if you're very lucky, it could be a random void key too. After 1 mission is done, another will taken it place untill we're extract.

- Here's how it will works:

  + Easy mission: Randomly 5k, 5 Common core, 1k Fame or T1 key

  + Normal mission: Randomly 10k, 5 Uncommon Core, 3k Fame or T2 key

  + Hard Mission: Randomly 15k, 5 Rare core, 3k Fame or T3 key

(the easy, medium and hard that i made up are depending on the enemy lv)


Also DE, please fix/remove the "Stealth Kill 10 enemy" mission


so that's my idea, what do you guy think ?

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