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One door staying locked after lockdown.


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Had a small bug just now during a solo-"capture"-mission.

After capturing the target and during my way out, the grineer locked the room down (one of these U-shaped-rooms with a console in the middle and handrails everywhere). I cleared them out, hacked the console, moved out and used the elevator next door to go up, but couldn't move on, because the door in the elevatorroom didn't open. It looked like it was stil in lockdown.

I went back down, looking for a console, but none worked.

I had to backtrack for a while and find some enemies to reenable a lockdown. After that and hacking another console, the door after the elevator was open.

Don't know of course if it's the same kind of bug like these "doors closed for some players"-bugs, but seemed worth mentioning.

First real bug I had until now.

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