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Hotfix 16.5.6


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Conclave Changes


  • Players will no longer receive experience for returning the Cephalon in Capture the Cephalon.
  • Players will now drop 1 energy orb for every 25 energy they had stored at their time of death.
  • Oro obtained and kills earned will no longer be recorded on the scoreboard after victory has been declared and the match has ended.
  • All new mods that were not able to be equipped after purchasing from Teshin have been fixed
  • Increased the damage of the Tigris in PvP.
  • Empty Energy Stations will instantly spawn orbs when Energy Surge is initiated.
  • Energy Surge will now activate in Annihilation at 80 total kills or 20 kills for one player.
  • Oro will now move towards the player that damages another player just before they are killed by the environment.
  • Changed the visual effect of Oro pickups in Annihilation.




  • Made refinements to the custom Liset interior color details.
  • Zephyr’s Turbulence visual effects will look slightly more transparent when cloaked.
  • Loki’s Invisibility, when used with a Sentinel, will now give the Sentinel its proper energy color.
  • Made various localization updates.




  • Fixed a crash that would occur when editing a Solar Rail Schema.
  • Fixed a crash caused by weapons and abilities that caused radial damage.
  • Fixed a visual bug related to using the Atomos on certain enemies as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/458340-atomos-specific-infested-death-animation-visual-bug/
  • Fixed incorrect channeling FX on Excalibur’s Proto Armor skin.
  • Fixed coloring on Nukor as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/457936-update-1655/page-2#entry5097301
  • Fixed some channeling FX not showing up correctly for Hosts and Clients.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage not properly scaling in damage with rank.
  • Fixed Oberon and Banshee’s Immortal Skin not properly applying to their shoulder pads.
  • Fixed the Capture target becoming uncapturable if a player dies and then revives mid-capture.
  • Fixed the player’s Warframe colors changing when viewing different Archwings in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed players receiving a ‘not eligible for reward’ message when joining a squad for a Nightmare Trial.
  • Fixed an issue in Corpus Hijack Missions that would prevent mission completion and stop all enemy spawns.
  • Fixed an issue on Void tilesets that would break navigation markers and enemy navigation.
  • Fixed a lighting issue appearing in a particular Grineer Spy Vault
  • Fixed a lighting issue that would appear in Dojo hallways.
  • Fixed Helios not attacking enemies when equipped with the Deconstructor.
  • Fixed multiple Conclave Mods that were not showing up as available for purchase through Teshin.


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Conclave Changes


  • Players will no longer receive experience for returning the Cephalon in Capture the Cephalon.


Well that took much longer than it should have, heh... Let's just say I no longer have any forma.

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