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Hotfix 16.5.7


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  • Fixed issues with Energy Orbs falling through the floor in PvP.
  • Fixed issues with host migration interfering with Energy pickups and generation in PvP.
  • Fixed missing firing animations for a number of weapons.
  • Fixed issues with many missing animations for weapons in a number of scenarios.
  • Fixed missing localization across a number of languages.


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Now that update 16.5.6 states that the DE "Fixed incorrect channeling FX on Excalibur’s Proto Armor skin" when are you going to finally fix the broken Excalibur Immortal skin channeling effect as reported by me on March 3, 2015?


Still no fix for


Excalibur's broken immortal skin channeling effect.






The recent changes to Excalibur's radial javelin were discouraging enough but do you also have to continue to leave his immortal skin channeling broken so he also looks terrible too?

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So...  When is the Daikyu's strange holstering position going to get fixed? It sits horizontally on you your back in the Liset unfolded and even during mission and I have no idea to get rid of this... Am I the only person getting this problem?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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