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Sailor Moon Crossover

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  • 2 months later...

I'm bringing this crossover back, turns out I made a few mistakes in what Senshi Crossed with which frame. And there are more Sailors than just the Planets. Don't give me any hate for not knowing these please, when I first started this crossover my Sailor Moon knowlege was basic and I was new to the show. I went with what knowlege I had of the show at the time, now I know more.


What I will be changing: Sailor Uranus will become Zephr. Sailor Pluto will be Nekros. And Sailor Saturn will be Banshee. But  Tuxedo Mask will NOT become Limbo.


EDIT: Nevermind, I don't really care.

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  • 5 years later...

This is just my thougts. Been looking at it and rethinking some frames with the Senshi (Mostly on the Current Update/HF 29.6.9)

The only ones I feel that need a change is Venus (From Mirage to Khora) and Uranus (From Banshee to Excalibur)

  • Venus as Khora - Mirage might have the laser show with her 4... but the other skills don't seem to fit, Khora because Venari could be treated as Artemis, and Venus did have a whip like weapon
  • Uranus as Excalibur - Same reason with the previous, Sound Quake would work... though I don't think the others fit the character, only thinking Excalibur because of her proficiency with swords, plus Excals 3 could work as a quake like attack

Also... Don't think would work as the Lotus given... [[Spoilers]]


Just take with a grain of Primed Salt, it is a nice take what was done :)

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