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same ammo?


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I think that the designers should make the ammo for all of the guns (leaving pistols) the same,

like in the boss fight we quiet many times run out of ammo,

and when we are in the situation, only the ammo of the gun we do not have drops,

besides its an "alien" game it doesent matter that the ammo of rifle and shotgun are the same or not.

P.S. sorry for my bad english

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Yeah having them look different when they drop would be nice. As for the topic from the OP I can think of 1 of my friends in particular with his me-centric playstyle that would ammo starve the rest of the team if all ammo drops were universal.

Hehe. I have a friend who sprays his afuris EVERYwhere. Literally always out of ammo. It means there's no chance for anyone else to get pistol ammo.

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