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Dera When?


Yeah...I thought you get the weapon of the guy you supported...?


I mean whatever. I can wait, but just makes supporting one guy a bit pointless, in hindsight feels like it didn't matter at all maintaining 4 towards one side. =/


Oh wait, is this like how voting is pointless. Cool message I guess.


Still want Dera though.

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was it supposed to take 2-1 cycles to completely switch sides? Meaning one cycle for opposing side to remove one support click for other til you revert to 0 before gaining points for other side?

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i dont want the karak wraith..

why cant you give the weapon we played for like how the actual invasions work..

even if the side we chose looses we get the reward we play for ..


man this sucks

i wanted a dera vandal..

what a waste of time playing for something i dint want at all..


else why not just give both the event weapons ...

this is such a let down..

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This may seem a little entitled. 
But not giving to flying poneys about the Karak, I supported Nef Anyo (mercenary roleplay and all), and the idea of a laser rifle vandal sounded really nice to my ears. Finding the Karak as the event reward felt very disappointing; especially with the 15-ish nodes completed for Anyo. 

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16/4 points.

they told me to wait so i did.

1 hour later.

weapon still hasent arrived.

getting slightly annoyed.



What am i supposed to do to get my reward sniff


EDIT:Weapon Arrived after using rainbow text GG DE


EDIT: I like rainbows heuheuheuheu

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I got my Karak. I finished the event with a score of 19/4 for Alad. I skipped all potato invasions for Nef and missed the potatoes on Alad's side because sleep is overrated. I did not do a single invasion for Nef.


What I think is sad is that, in the end, my loyalty never really payed off. Not even a badge, a prize or even a tap on my shoulder. 


Next time there's a popularity contest like this, I won't care about loyalty, I will just be greedy like my veteran clansman told me to and go after the good prize.

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