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Hotfix 16.5.8


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16.6 must be a pretty big update to have such a wee hotfix for this week. Makes me wonder what we will be getting when it drops. I assumed the new tileset and prime stuff would be for update 17 but perhaps not.


I wouldn't hold out to much hope.  DE has been dishing out delay/disappointment out often lately.  16.6 will likely be nothing much and 17 will likely be at least another month off if not more, DE has become slow with getting updates out, compared to a year'ish ago. 

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It's not just ODS. It's EVERYTHING. I get that bug all the time as Gmag. You have to jump+attack, sometimes sprint+jump+attack for it to work again... and sometimes that doesn't work either. It's a pain in the butt.

It's not a bug! it's a reply to the cheesy E-gate tactic (staying hours in spamming powers not moving an inch and getting litterally thousands of mods cores etc.) we used some time ago. This is an AFK timer 1 minute wthout mooving or shooting and you get no drops, energy, exp, etc.

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I have a problem now with warframe , I can't update the game anymore , each time I try to update the game , I have this error :

"Update Failed! "

"Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers."

"Please restart Warframe to try again"


I already :

-let the launcher open 

-restart it a lot of time 

-desactivated my firewall

-used CCleaner 

-restart my computer and only start the game before everything else

-uninstalled and reinstalled 


but nothing worked . 

I am thinking that my problem is caused by an hotfix , that's why I post it here (sorry if its not the right place)

because I never had that error before (I started to play the game the first day it was on steam)

I began to have that problem only since the 16.5.4 hotfix .


Maybe there already a solution for that , but I have never find it.

Sorry if I have a bad english , and sorry if its not the right place to post my problem , but I really want to play to get the atrox gene-masking kit for my kubrow . 

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