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Bugs that need fixing.


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Love the game so far, reminds me of mass effect just better in gameplay, lacking in story and variety in missions but obviously you guys werent heading for a story oriented game. So far so good to me especially in a beta besides a couple bugs. so heres a list of bugs ive encountered. 1. Cant climb on all objects, characters latches on to most not al. 2. cant hit enemies on the ground with the scindo swing attack even though its making contact with enemy. 3. sometimes your are able to run through enemies, this especially is annoying when your trying to melle them and your merged with there body lol. 4. more details on some of the items n marketplace, bought avatar skins thinking they were for my character when they were just pictures, also bought ash blueprint and didnt find out until after that i actually had to build him, these things can be a paiin when new to the game. 5. Pleeeaaase add grenade indicators, rndom explosions are not fun. Umm so this is all i have so far, good job keep up the good work. my type of game.

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